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Security Guard Position - security - job employment

City: Sacramento
Date: 07 Feb 2019
Category: Security

Capitol Security Solutions are looking for top talent. Our mission is to enhance life and safety utilizing the finest integrated security solutions, while providing a genuine opportunity for personal growth and career advancement for our employees. If you are looking to join a company that you can grow with, we invite you to apply online. If there is a match with your qualification and our employment needs, you will be contacted by a member of our management team.

Job Description
We are looking for an observant and experienced armed security officer to maintain a safe environment. In this position, you will patrol, stand guard, and monitor the area, taking immediate action if problematic situations arise. You must always be keenly aware of your surroundings and attuned to any suspicious or unlawful behavior.

Job Skills:
-Responsible for executing security services as outlined in site-specific Post Orders and as directed by Security Management.
-Protect, watch over, and secure necessary spaces and/or assets
-Conduct frequent security checks by patrolling perimeter and grounds and remain vigilant for anything unusual or potentially threatening
-Recognize potentially dangerous situations and respond in the safest and most effective manner
-Investigate and remove trespassers/violators
- Warn persons of rule infractions or violations, and escort or evict violators from premises
-Secure spaces and ensure safety for those inside (lock doors, close windows, etc.)
-Set alarms as needed
-Sound alarms and/or call for outside assistance when needed in emergencies (police, fire, ambulance care, etc.)
-Write, maintain, and present detailed reports, noting any damages, theft, and/or other irregular activity
-Follow all state and company-enforced laws and regulations

- Must have a valid California Guard Card and complete AB 2880 certificates of training
- Must have a high school diploma or equivalent
- Proof of legal right to work in the US

Employment background check; Pass - Criminal background check
- Provision and checking of personal references

- Must be able to stand or walk for long periods of time (up to 8 hours)
- Bend, stretch, lift up to 25 lbs
- Be able to push with arms
- Be able put arms over head
- Be able to reach for objects and grasp with both hands
- Be able to twist body
- Be able to run or walk briskly for short periods of time or hurriedly respond
- Be able to move head/neck without impediment
* With or without reasonable accommodation

Qualified candidates will possess the following attributes: * Approachable, receptive and polite attitude all while maintaining a calm yet assertive demeanor always * Flexibility * Versatility and ability to multitask * Ability to effectively communicate with others * Ability to maintain professional integrity, this includes knowing when to give orders and when to take orders * And above all, being respectful of other people, clients and public included. Qualified candidates must also possess exemplary standards of dependability, personal appearance, grooming and great interpersonal skills.

Job Type: Full-time / Part-time

Salary: $16.00 /hour

Security: 1 year

High school or equivalent

Guard Card
Fire Arm Card
Valid California ID or Drive license

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