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Instagram account re-enable needed $4,000 - systems / networking - operations job employment

City: San francisco bay area
Date: 24 Jan 2019
Category: Systems / Network

This is a unique bounty opportunity with precise qualifiers, we're a web streaming platform seeking help to recover our Instagram accounts and so we're looking for somebody with the network of humans in the right place to make this happen. We're a streaming platform that relies upon Instagram for marketing and we've had three of our accounts banned, we need all three re-enabled and placed on the Instagram white-list.

The task is simple, but very challenging. We're not looking for people with tier1 ideas such as spamming their ticketing system or rotating hardware ID's to generate new ticket attempts.

We have three accounts that we're seeking to have re-enabled as well as white-listed. This is a one time task if completed successfully with proof we're willing to award the successful white knight $4,000

Do not contact us if you do not have the power to complete both re-enable and white-list. Both tasks are equally important.

Proof? We'll ask you to enable our accounts at an exact time to show you have the ability to do so and proof that we're white listed.

The accounts have not deeply violate the EULA or anything of the sort, have been victim to image bot take-downs.

Thank You!
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