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Help Fight Cancer - Healthcare position - healthcare - job employment

City: Denver
Date: 10 Jan 2019
Category: Medical / Health

We are a non-profit, exciting start-up looking for eager employees wanting to create a new business with an amazing mission and goal of fighting cancer. Our website will be up very soon (2/1), as we're currently at the hiring and ideation phase. If you're a person with great ideas and a passion and energy to implement them, the time to join is NOW!

Current Opening: Company needs very confident Directors of Business Development - Healthcare. You must have great references, a stellar Resume, and be EXCELLENT with communications. Since we're a start-up, the initial salary will only be $15/hour or $100/day (consider it donating or volunteering your time to fight CANCER), and of course, if you can grow a start-up, have an innate business development and branding mindset, have both experience and education (advanced degree preferred (MD, DO, LPN, PT, OT, RN, home health, etc.); your 2020 salary will be negotiated based upon performance and if you're not making six figures, we apparently hired the wrong person.

You will spend a LOT of time at sunny events this summer (outdoor festivals, beach and pool parties, etc.), so you MUST be comfortable in those situations (ie. don't drink too much) and stay professional. We know we're asking a lot but we are a Cancer Awareness organization and our mission is to Cover Up Colorado in thick, WHITE, lathery SunScreen!!! We are Ground Zero for fighting the harmful rays that lead to Melanoma which is a TeRriBle PLIGHT in our beautiful and sunny state.

Will you help the Joker and all his merry jesters fight this battle?

No scrubs - please don't waste our time - serious inquiries only!

Please send complete applications (includes cover letter and resume) ASAP.

And apologize but Females only - sorry guys - we will hire you soon, but that's stage 2.

We will be interviewing every Tuesday at 2 pm in our LoHi office until the role(s) are filled.
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