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***REMOTE*** White Hat Hacking Expert Needed as InfoSec HowTo Writer - systems / networking - operations job employment

City: Austin
Date: 07 Nov 2018
Category: Systems / Network

Are you an information security expert with some free time and a passion for teaching?

Null Byte ( is the largest white hat hacker community for beginners. We're searching for InfoSec experts to write tutorials and expand our coverage in new and exciting directions.

WonderHowTo is the web's premier destination for inspiration, guides, and how-tos, and we created the Null Byte community for beginners who want to learn about hacking, so they can get answers from experts without being taken advantage of or mocked for asking 'dumb' questions.

The perfect candidate would love writing tutorials that teach beginners the fundamentals of hacking, have experience in Linux, networking, and penetration testing, and be excited about engaging with a growing community of people interested in the InfoSec field.

* Technical expertise in InfoSec required. Specifically: Linux, networking, penetration testing, various InfoSec tools (Metasploit, Kali Linux, and others.).
* The ability to explain complex subjects in a way that's easy to understand and fun for the reader.
* Ability to weigh in intelligently on daily hacking news and culture.
* Superb grammar, fact-checking, and formatting skills.
* Strong communication skills (written and verbal). Comfort working remotely and using Slack is a plus.
* Experience teaching others how to hack and how to prevent themselves from getting hacked is a big plus.
* Knowledge of hacking mobile platforms (Android & iOS) a plus, as well as hacking from mobile platforms.

To Apply:
1. Take a look at the most popular posts on Null Byte (here: ) to get a feel for the types of tutorials that do well.

2. Apply with a cover letter that includes 3 tutorial ideas that you think the Null Byte community would enjoy learning and attach your résumé.
Optionally, attach any writing samples you have to help us get a feel for your writing chops.
3. Apply through the JobScore application here:

We pay writers a set rate per post. APPLICANTS MUST HAVE INFOSEC AND PENTEST EXPERTISE TO BE CONSIDERED. This position is freelance and remote. APPLY ON JOBSCORE:
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