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WordPress/PHP/C# - Commission Based - software / qa / dba / etc - job employment

City: Washington
Date: 07 Nov 2018
Category: Software / QA / DBA

Instoll, LLC is seeking a junior WordPress webmaster with programming skills to assist with setting up an affiliate marketing website and possibly other sites/capabilities. Ideal candidate would likely be a self-motivated college student or entrepreneur who has some credible experience with at least some of the skills listed below (the more the better, of course).

Remote work is fine, however it is desirable to meet face to face on occasion, hence local DC candidates might be preferable.

About Instoll, LLC
Instoll is a small firm owned by one person (hi). Its an experiment, but I simply do not have time to do the programming side and this would be a good opportunity for someone motivated to come in, test their real-world skills and see if we can monetize some products and services together. Especially since it "tis the season" and all.

Core Tech Skills
- familiar with WordPress, ability to customize it with plug-ins
- familiar with PHP to create custom plug-ins, consume APIs, and possible do other programming chores
- familiar with HTML, JavaScript and AJAX
- knowledge of affiliate marketing and tracking of sales
- knowledge of SEO and placement techniques
- knowledge of social media

The Pluses
- knowledge of streaming media or socket programming is a plus
- familiarity with encryption is a plus
- familiarity with OAUTH is a plus
- ability to performance tune WordPress is a plus
- familiar with WordPress Multisite is a plus
- familiar with WPMU DEV is a plus
- familiar with C# is a plus

Personal Skills
- Energetic: Needs to be self-motivated when it comes to completing objectives.
- Responsive: Some of the tasks are time sensitive, and can't have someone who is going to disappear and not communicate. Need to have a life - no problem, just communicate and set expectations around availability.
- Accountable: Need to own successes and mistakes, and just be honest in general
- Willing to Learn: As this is a junior role, odds are some additional learning is in the near future. That's a good thing.
- Solid English: Need to have clear diction and solid command of the English language - does not need to be a native speaker.

Description of the Role
Estimated effort starts at 10 hours a week, but there is no cap. Initial tasks are:
- Take content and graphics (to be supplied) and post as requested on the website. This should be about 3-5 posts per week and hopefully will increase over the course of time.
- Install and configure plugins as directed to enable various features (such as membership, purchasing, media library management, autoposting)
- Setup corporate social media accounts and link to the website
- Update the "Brands" section of the website as new brands are made available
- Possible programming to integrate some services - might require API integration
- Assess the affiliate and SEO site mechanics for improvement
- Set up campaigns (content to be provided, but mechanics to be agreed upon)
- Assess traffic, conversion and options
- Other tasks as required/agreed

How to Apply
- If you have a resume, send it. Don't build a resume just for this post.
- Send a cover letter which explains the relevant skills you have, skills you need time to learn and how you would like to see this role progress
- If you have relevant portfolio style show and tell items, those are always a plus
- If you have any questions for me, please ask them in your cover letter. Interviews go both ways.

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