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Music & Film Website Manager - web / html / info design - job employment

City: Los angeles
Date: 05 Nov 2018
Category: Web / Info Design

We're looking for a full-time, contract work, website manager with significant music and/or film experience.

Our ideal candidate is someone with a passion for the music and/or film business who has a reasonable amount of experience in one or the other, ideally both. This is not mandatory, but very helpful.

We need someone with **VERY HIGH attention to detail and organization** to manage and develop our current sites. If that is not you, please do not apply. You'll waste everyone's time.


The sites you will manage:
+ More to be added over time


Your skill set must include:
+ Wordpress - You must be able to work within the Wordpress theme environment, adding new content, working with existing content, building new pages, updating and refining the sites look and feel, etc.

+ CSS - You must possess a fundamental working knowledge of CSS. You do not need to be a master, but you need to be able to make formatting edits as needed.

+ SEO - While we have protocols set in place, you'll need a moderate understanding of SEO principles. Our sites exist because of successful SEO strategies and you'll need to both maintain and expand on our strategies. You'll also manage our Moz account.

+ Google Analytics & Search Console - You'll need to keep tabs on our search metrics to be sure we're on a steady upward slope. You'll also have to keep an eye out for errors and help avoid penalties. Google Goals tracking will be part of the job as well.

+ Facebook Advertising - You will manage our Facebook pages and schedule new content posts, manage sponsored posts, identify the highest ROI audiences to share content with and more.

+ Management Skills - You will manage a small team of Content Writers (around 8+ or so). You'll need to coordinate new content with them, manage their flow of deliverables, and make sure their content meets our guidelines.


Your daily work duties will utilize a mix of the skills mentioned above.
This will be 40 hours per week of contract work.

We will have one video Skype meeting on Monday's to set forth the weeks tasks and report what happened during the prior week. You'll also need to report daily with a brief overview of what you accomplished that day.

We're looking for a very motivated person, looking to constantly improve our sites, introduce new ideas, and take pride in their work. High attention to detail is a MUST. T's crossed and I's dotted. You must have a good sense of design for your Wordpress work too. A clean eye for margins, paddings, font sizes, colors, and so on. This is vital.

This is CONTRACT work. You will not be an employee. You will use your own equipment and must possess the skills needed to do the work. You can set your own hours, but you must be able to respond to business inquiries during business hours. You'll work 40 hours per week from home.

Please do not reply with any kind of form letter. We won't even review it. Tell us why you're perfect for the job and what you bring to the table. Detail any music or film business experience you have.

We are looking for an individual, NOT a company.

Include links to current websites you've designed or developed.
Please include a resume if you have one.

Thank you!
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