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Entry Level Private Investigator - legal/paralegal - job employment

City: Denver
Date: 05 Nov 2018
Category: legal / paralegal

We are a very well established Denver investigative agency. We are seeking a qualified person to join our team as an entry-level private investigator. (Note: If you already have experience as a private investigator and hold a valid Colorado license, please see the last paragraph in this job posting.)

Experience in the field of private or civil investigations is not required. People that have transitioned successfully in this field come from many professions and walks of life. People with experience in consumer collections, legal support in law firms, research and genealogy seem to have an easier time transitioning and "getting ahead of the learning curve". We will train and mentor the right person. We are an equal opportunity employer.

The vast majority of our cases focus on personal injury accidents, but we do take on other civil litigation cases. We locate and interview defendants and witnesses, perform background checks and financial investigations. We do not do surveillance.

Who Should Apply:

If you have a quick eye for detail, you might be a good fit. If you know how the world works (in other words, you've been around the block) and have common sense, you might do well. If you are confident, carry yourself well and can approach a complete stranger to ask serious questions without alienating, scaring or offending that person, you might make a good investigator.

Again, this is an entry level position. The hourly rate is $18/hr. We do not offer benefits. You will occasionally be asked to work evenings, weekends or even holidays. You will be required to work approximately 30 hours per week. This is not a part-time or evening job. You will be required to work during normal business hours. After a probationary period, you will be allowed to work from home and telecommute, however you must be accountable and responsive at a moment's notice by phone, email, SMS or through our inter-company chat platform.


The qualified candidate must:

• Have the ability to read, understand and follow instructions.

• Have the ability to read thoroughly before acting or responding.

• Be extremely computer literate. This includes navigating online platforms and a solid command of standard office software, such as Word, Excel and Outlook. An ability to adapt to and learn new platforms is also required.

• Be an extremely effective communicator in writing and verbally. Command of the English language is a must. Good spelling, vocabulary and grammar is key. The ability to listen, pause and then reply is a must.

• Have dependable personal transportation and a valid, Colorado license with a clean driving record.

• Be able to work in our office or telecommute from home, at the company's discretion.

• Be able to travel around the metro area. While most investigative tasks and assignments do not require work outside of the office or home office environment, there is an occasional need to visit areas in and around Denver and the metro area. Travel outside of Denver is rare.

• Have a dependable, reliable and modern laptop that can access wireless networks. When telecommuting, you must have dependable and reliable internet connectivity.

• Have a dependable and reliable smartphone.

• Be visually presentable in a variety of situations. Attire in the office is business casual, but there are times when professional attire is required. From courtrooms to construction sites, you must know what is appropriate.

• Be able to obtain a State of Colorado Private Investigator License (Level I). Obtaining a Level I PI license does not require experience, but it does require taking and passing the state jurisprudence examination and possessing a clean criminal background (no felony convictions or crimes of moral turpitude). A thorough background check will be performed by us, the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. We will reimburse the cost of obtaining a license and provide the required bonding.

Interested parties should respond to this post and attach (1) a resume and (2) cover letter in PDF format only. We will not accept inquiries in person, by phone, by direct email or fax.

Who Should Not Apply:

Listing the following traits might sound silly, but...

If you think the job will involve solving crimes of the century, driving exotic cars, carrying weapons and an arsenal of Bond-like gadgets, this isn't the job for you. This isn't espionage. It's civil investigative work. 95% of it is researching databases and public records.

Again, computer literacy is a must. If you often find yourself with a blank stare at your computer screen, pushing the same button over and over again, find yourself muttering, "Why is it doing that?", or get frustrated at the technology in front of you...then this might not be the right job for you.

If you have trouble with spelling, struggle with grammar, or never bother to proof read a message or report prior to sending it off...this probably isn't the right job for you. If you don't know the difference between its and it's, are confused about when to use a possessive s instead of a plural s and can't figure out your vs. you're...then this probably isn't the right job for you. Your supervisor is paid to review your work, not correct your spelling.

If you think entry level personnel should be making $50/hr, then this isn't the job for you. You have no experience and are going to need training. We don't care if you have a Ph.D., you are still an entry level investigator and will be paid entry level wages until the time your skills and experience (and value to the company) demand more. So do not respond with a salary requirement higher than $28k per year.

Currently Licensed Private Investigators:

We are not seeking an experienced investigator, but are always willing to listen and watch for opportunities. If you are currently licensed and are struggling to keep busy, we might be a good fit. We could discuss compensation and whether or not that compensation fits our company structure. As with any professional firm, you would be required to "make some rain". If you currently have a client base and caseload, we would be open to a discussion about bringing the right person on board.

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