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Corporate Secretarial Organization of documents (Remote) - legal/paralegal

City: Vancouver
Date: 11 Oct 2018
Category: legal / paralegal

We are an investor in a Singapore company with subsidiaries. We want all the documentation related to the entities, their filings, board minutes to be organized online in a systematic way in printed binders. This means renaming all files, ensuring they are executed (i.e. duly signed), and identify any missing documents eg. Annual Board Meeting minutes. The person does not need to draft the documents but 1) organize, 2) verify, 3) identify missing items. The entities are in Singapore, HK, Japan and Cayman. There needs to be clear table of contents i.e. binders. There should be 2 copies. Each time new documents are received they should be added to the binders. The printed binders will mirror the online folder structure to be created by the individual in gdrive.
There are partnership documents, incorporation documents, business plans, shareholder agreements.
The individual should be meticulous, and presentation of the folders is important. Any documents not duly executed, the freelancer should write the proposed email to be sent to the corporate secretary. All work can be done remotely. The binders can be sent to me in Vancouver. For applications, please include a description of how you would organize the files e.g. by date, by country, and your experience in dealing with company documents. Thanks.
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