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Now Hiring for Swim and Exercise Helpers - healthcare - job employment

City: Portland
Date: 10 Oct 2018
Category: Medical / Health

Hi my name is Kevin and my question to you all is do you like helping the disabled and would you be interested in helping a disabled person with swimming exercises. I am hiring part time swim and exercise helpers for my exercises in the pool. I am a disabled man that's in a wheelchair and that needs a helper for in the pool for the winter ahead

I am seeking applicants that use to be on a swim team. The applicant must be a good swimmer and loves the water as much as I do (testing will be done at the interview of your swim skills) This is the perfect job for people who go to college. There is no lifting required for this job and you do not have to license. This is a entry-level position.

This job is all ways at The North Clackamas aquatic center out there off of sunny side road.
The pay for the this job will be $25 an hour..

The Job duties are easy and very simple.
A. Help me walk in and out of pool.
B. Help me go underwater to work on lung capacity.
C. Help me swim laps.
D. Help me walk stairs to slide.

If you are interested in an a interview and tryouts please call Troy at 360-837-2613 and leave voice mail.

Thank you!
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