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Law School Admissions Counselor-Remote, part-time, on a contract basis - legal/paralegal - job employment

City: New york city
Date: 09 Oct 2018
Category: legal / paralegal

At Stratus, we believe that the top factor driving success of our law school applicants is the quality of the counselors who collaborate with them. Thus, we hire only the best, train them rigorously and arm them with an industry-leading, proprietary methodology. Stratus seeks knowledgeable and highly motivated team players to offer law admissions counseling in the following areas:

Law School Selection: Help evaluate the law schools that are best suited to a client's skills and objectives. Provide professional and unbiased opinion of prospects for success in applying to law school.

Law School Admissions Process: Lead the client through Status Admissions' proprietary framework for approaching law school applications, while also providing critical insights as the client works through the relevant exercises.

Recommendation Guidance: Give start-to-finish guidance on the solicitation of letters of recommendation and the choice and management of recommenders.

Law School Essays: Help ensure that application essays convey the client's unique potential to contribute to the law school community, the legal profession and society. Work with clients to help draw out and articulate accomplishments and "story," setting them apart from the competition. Offer knowledge of the admissions process to help applicants write impactful essays that holistically convey the client's best personal, academic and professional selves.

Law School Admissions Interview Preparation: Assist clients in prepping for their interviews through brainstorming sessions and mock interviews as well as by offering advice regarding the content and delivery of clients' responses, non-verbal communications, and appropriate follow up.


Stratus Law Admissions Counselors are offered the flexibility to take on as many or as few clients as they wish, but they must complete the admissions process with each client with whom they agree to work. All counseling will be done over email, phone and/or Skype.

Required Qualifications

● J.D. from a top-14 law school
● Consistent promptness and professionalism in all client correspondence
● Ability to effectively manage client expectations, delivery honest feedback, and convey concepts and framework to clients
● Superior organizational skills to manage client's time while scheduling and planning for multiple client deadlines
● Passion for coaching and mentorship
● Exceptional command of English grammar and composition
● Ability to meet with clients on weekends or evenings, as needed
● STRONGLY PREFERRED - Prior experience in a law school admissions office, preferably at a top-14 law school
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