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Virtual Assistant - web / html / info design - job employment

City: Boulder
Date: 05 Oct 2018
Category: Web / Info Design

Are you a task oriented person with skills in the areas of admin/writing/graphic design/web management/scheduling support? Are you looking for a way to expand upon those skills, or apply them to help grow a small yoga therapy and stress management practice?

I am looking for someone to take my ideas and bring them alive on paper, on social media, and on my website.

Ideally, you would also be able to manage my scheduling system (Acuity) and provide administrative support for the classes, workshops, and retreats that I lead.

Additionally, you would be interested in receiving holistic wellness coaching yourself, and beta testing some of my new programs, in exchange for helping me grow my client base.

This position is perfect for you if:
-You are detail oriented and able to work independently.
-You can be available to meet in person two - three times a month to review projects and clarify the parameters of new tasks.
-You have experience with Acuity, Mailchimp, and other task management systems and/or are a quick learner with all things "tech".
-You are interested in part-time work of only a few hours a week. This may grow as we grow.

Great to use for a college internship, perhaps. And fun for an older, retired person, or empty nester, too.

Please submit a cover letter and resume to apply.
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