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Technical Solutions Architect - systems/networking

City: Vancouver
Date: 20 Sep 2018
Category: Systems / Network

Green Dot is a simple inventory management system for small to medium sized companies.

We are looking for someone who understands the business problem we are determined to solve.
The ideal candidate will identify gaps in our current workflow when designing the solution.

We require connecting an analog signal from an RFID reader into a digital database to search for items in range. Once the I/O database query has been made, the user will be able to see what items are missing.

Ideal candidate will have knowledge of the following:
.NET Framework
Python or Javascript
IT Network
Database Development

As generic as this may be, we truly want you to be:
A critical thinker and problem-solver
Someone who will question our assumptions and methods
Process oriented with the end-goal in sight
Someone looking to build their portfolio with an early-stage, connected team
A level of competence and experience

If you're our ideal candidate, you will probably have a mechatronics, comp science, business and coding bootcamp education. We're also open to all kinds of equivalent experience if you can show us!

We offer competitive compensation for this defined project and are open to discussion based on overall experience and duration. The ideal candidate will see this as an opportunity beyond simply building a product but also to support commercialization in the long-term.

Work hours (full-time, part-time) are flexible and majority of work will be done remotely.
To apply, send us an email or feel free to call - we don't require a cover letter but a blurb about yourself would be helpful.

Neo-nazis need not apply.
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