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Software QA Specialist (IMMEDIATE) - software / qa / dba / etc - job employment

City: Atlanta
Date: 12 Sep 2018
Category: Software / QA / DBA


The Security Awareness Company - a small, Nashville-based corporate training development company - seeks a software QA superhero in the making!

As our Software QA Specialist, you will provide continuous validation and testing for our expanding set of web applications as we move them through deployment prep, deployment, and versioning. By identifying and communicating potential glitches, snafus, and poor UX, you will help us ensure that software releases are smooth (well, "as possible" anyway) and that our clients are receiving the best possible product. You will also be in charge of writing technical documentation for internal and external usage, and for assisting future clients with technical support when necessary. We want you to think of new ideas, get into the persona of the users you are validating, help us fix things, and keep our expertise on the cutting edge!

Full transparency: this is the first time we are hiring someone for this position, so much of the work you do will start from the ground up. We need someone who already has experience in a QA testing capacity, preferably someone with functional front-end, back-end, and/or API testing experience. You must understand the software development and QA life cycle processes, including test planning, test case design, execution, defect tracking, and reporting. You must have experience with many test types, such as performance, regression, unit, functional, integration, and/or security. Further, it is vitally important that you are well-organized and self-directed.

While we are based in Nashville and would prefer someone in the greater Nashville area, we are in fact a remote company where every single employee works from their home office. There may be opportunities for you to work one-on-one with a few members of our team in their home offices, and to attend in-person team meetings, but you will need to have a dedicated space at home that you can call your "office" and where you will be productive. Although there is a good bit of flexibility, for the most part our employees are available at regular working hours and "show up" to our internal messaging service like others do to an office.


You decide your schedule and get to work from home. Need to pick the kids up from school? Need a nap? Need to take a few days off? Just let us know in advance. No problem.

Our company is 63% female so that's hip and different for the tech / information security industry!

Opportunity to learn a boatload of cool stuff. Elearning, gamification, LMS, corporate training, information security.... the infosec world can be your oyster!

Want to take tutorials, seminars or classes related to your job? We'll cover it! The more YOU know, the more valuable you are to our team ☺

Awesome company culture. We're all a bunch of weirdos who celebrate our differences, love our pets, and value a teamwork & work-life balance. Learn more about us from our About Us page. We have low staff turnaround as people don't tend to leave SAC by choice. We work hard, play hard, and have a strong GIF game in our group chats.


$17 per hour ($35,360 annually) during an initial 90-day trial period. If you've impressed us and we want to keep you on, we'll give you an increase to $19 per hour ($39,520 annually).

Official benefits kick-in after your first 90 days. These include: health insurance options (with 100% paid premiums), plus dental/vision options; a 401(k) with 3% matching through our parent company; company-wide bonuses from our parent company; and unlimited vacation. We also receive bonuses on a monthly basis that correlate to the number of sales brought in.


IMMEDIATE. We're looking for someone who can work for us full-time (40 hours) each week. You will work from home, and will need a dedicated workspace with minimal distractions. We use instant messaging, group chats, intranet, emails, and conference calls to communicate internally.

The hours are flexible, but most of our employees work 9-5ish. We believe in a ROWE - Results Only Work Environment. As long as your work is always high-quality, on-time (or early!), creative and as requested, we are flexible in terms of when you work. The key to success here at SAC is great communication and connectivity as well as proving that you're actually completing tasks; establish a weekly schedule and check in with your supervisor often.

After your first 90 days, you can take time off when you want as long as you give advance notice and don't leave your team hanging at a critical time. We don't track time off. We believe in RESULTS and don't want to have to track if you took an afternoon off to take the kid to the doctor or get an oil change. You take time off when you need it (with advanced notice and scheduling - no last minute stuff).

Our "official company holidays" include: President's day; 4 day weekends for Memorial Day, July 4 and Labor Day; three days for Thanksgiving; and several days at Christmas/New Year's. If there's another holiday you want to take off, you can as long as it's discussed with your boss in advance.

Unofficial benefits include: working from home (save on expensive clothes, gas, commuting time, lunches out, etc.); working with awesome nerdy creative people who value hard work, a sense of humor, and a strong margarita; fun company gatherings; a company culture that encourages learning and creativity; more time to sleep or do other things you love (because you no longer have to commute); a healthier lifestyle (studies show that people who work from home exercise more and eat healthier); more pet snuggles (if you have a pet) or time with the kids (if you have offspring); get a sweet company shirt each year; make all of your friends jealous because you can sleep until 8:45 and still be at work on time. :)



2-3+ years in software QA testing (functional front-end, back-end, and/or API testing experience preferred)

Deep understanding of the software development and QA life cycle processes (including test planning, test case design, execution, defect tracking and reporting)

Experience with many QA test types (e.g., performance, regression, unit, user acceptance testing, functional, integration, security)

Experience working with and/or testing in the following areas & frameworks: Laravel, Vue.js, Javascript, Vuetify, SCSS / CSS, HTML, SQL, Git, and AWS

Excellent written communication skills, preferably with experience writing technical documentation or instruction manuals.

Able to work efficiently from home, without someone standing over your shoulder micromanaging you. Must have a strong ability to prioritize and juggle multiple ongoing projects.

Self-starter, highly motivated, takes initiative, unafraid to bring ideas to the table.

Brain full of ideas, sense of humor, positivity, and optimism.

Tenacious work ethic. You'll do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if it's a task you're not thrilled about, without becoming demoralized or downtrodden.

Willingness to become an EXPERT about elearning, LMS management & troubleshooting, gamification, and security awareness.

Desire to become an integral longterm part of a talented, hard-working and overall awesome production team. We want you to be with us for a long time!

Ability to come to Nashville minimum twice a year for our mandatory bi-annual all-hands company meetings (2 day events), and hopefully come to town for other team work opportunities

Located in the state of Tennessee, Georgia, or Alabama

A college degree is not necessary. Experience, willingness to learn, and a Batman-sized toolbelt of skills are far more important in our opinion! (For more on our hiring philosophy, watch one of our fearless leader's talks from RSA here:

Experience in database testing with excellent SQL skills

Experience with a Command Line Interface (CLI) XP like Unix/Linux AWS CLI

Knowledge of running a security audit and secure programming standards

Experience working with an LRS or LMS

Experience using Google Suite (Gmail, Google Docs, etc.)

Based in/around Nashville for ability to join occasional in-person team meetings or fun company events (small team meetings! Brainstorming sessions! Bowling! Sounds games!)

1+ year programming experience, preferably development experience in one or more of the common stacks and supporting unit test frameworks

Experience designing a complex elearning environment


Analyze, design, and implement software QA strategy and procedures.

Detect failures, anomalies, defects for correction, and keep a database (or thorough documentation) of test results to assist in debugging and modification of application. (Examine code and execution of code according to software requirements in various environments with different technical specifications.)

Ensure compliance with general programming best practices, accepted web standards, various security concerns (including data integrity), and any additional standards set forth by upstream sources.

Write application instructions for users, and maintain up-to-date technical documentation.
Provide technical support to clients as needed.

Regularly participate in team meetings throughout testing, deployment prep, and actual deployment for all phases of the development life cycle (including versioning).


We haven't scared you off yet?? Great! Please follow this link and fill out the form. Be prepared to give us the following:

A resume in PDF format (we will delete any submissions that send word docs or other formats)

Link(s) to online portfolios or examples of your writing. THIS IS A MUST! You need to show us that you have experience with technical writing and that you're good at it.

A short paragraph summing up your whole life and why you're awesome.

Another paragraph explaining "why I think I'm perfect for this position at this wacky, creative company!" (Please no fancy-pants business BS buzzwords. Just talk to us like a human being - assuming you are one.)

A good line or two about: any experience you have regarding online learning or information security, any immediate questions you have, any experience you might have with web development, digital marketing, and any special skills that might give you an edge over other candidates.

We look forward to hearing from you! Note that due to time constraints, we can not respond to every applicant, so if you do not hear from us within 2 weeks, please assume we have decided to go in another direction. It's not personal!

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