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Writers Wanted for Startup - writing/editing

City: Edmonton
Date: 12 Sep 2018
Category: Writing / Editing

Want to be a professional author?

Want to create brilliant stories that the whole world can read?

How would you like to join a fun, creative team in a new story studio?

Writers and story-crafters wanted! That means you!

We're bringing together an adventurous team that writes, edits, illustrates and publishes tales set in our very own story universes. This is a brand new startup and we're looking for the kind of people who are passionate about building something special. We're looking for people who want to imagineer culture and make the world a better place by reaching out and touching the hearts of readers one romance, one mystery, one story at a time.

This isn't a typical salaried position, so don't quit your day job just yet. It's a chance to be a part of something new from the ground up. It's about being part of a team that works together and shares the thrilling ups and downs of building an organization that we're proud of. It's about personifying and sharing the best values and the best of ourselves, and creating stories that promote the same.

And when that team achieves financial success, members will benefit from a unique revenue sharing plan that isn't just based on individual contribution, but on team success as well. With us, a rising tide lifts all boats, because it takes all of us to make success happen.

It may be a long way off, but we'd love to grow into a Marvel or a Disney or build something like the expanding Harry Potter-verse. If you're interested in joining the team, and maybe even becoming a full time contributor with us one day, please contact us.

Aspiring authors, please send:
Writing samples. Please provide at least three different pieces of work totalling no less than 20,000 combined words. This can be made up of short stories or books, but should be fiction. Please send complete works only. Does not need to be previously published.

A value statement or your life philosophy of about 250 words or less. What do you believe in, and why? What values do you believe are the most important, and how do you personify them?

Response to the following questions:

What genres, themes, cultures are you most interested in writing in, and why?

Why do you want to get involved with this opportunity, and what can you bring to the team?

We prefer applicants be based in the Edmonton area, though those from further away will be considered. While most work will be done remotely at this stage, we'd like the ability to meet up in person on a regular basis to discuss story ideas and collaborate. (Free coffee!) :)

Writers will work on story outlines that have either been provided or that we have constructed together to fit within a larger narrative framework. Work will be done primarily remotely, with regular collaboration and meetings online and in person.

Previous experience as a published author is not required. However, as all stories reflect and instruct the human experience, assets include the following: a varied background, deep personal experiences, an understanding of human psychology and social behaviour, an understanding of story, and a desire to grow in all of these areas so that one's stories can become richer and more informative over time. Of course, practiced writing and story-telling ability is also a huge asset.
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