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Social Media Manager/Stellar Content Creator - art / media / design - job employment

City: San diego
Date: 11 Sep 2018
Category: Art / Media / Design

Social Media/Marketing Manger Position: (Ideal Local Location)

This is an exciting opportunity for an individual interested in holistic weight loss, health and wellness. You can learn more about her work at

This position will require the candidate to be knowledgable of the varying social media platforms such as - understand them, know how to utilize them, optimize them and know graphic requirements for each:



Support all launches, events and offers
Scheduling Posts
Creating a social media calendar and implementing
Organizing and extracting content to post and coordinating with images, quotes or creating meme's - you will pull and coordinate
Utilize and know how to use Canva for creating graphics
Capabilities to edit graphics, add words and enhance photos Create motivational posts using the company's lifestyle images to be utilized on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.
Photoshop company ads to: satisfy the 20% text rule for Facebook ads and use for contest campaigns. 
Manage the company's social media presence on Instagram: Create daily posts that communicate the company's brand and keep up with current fitness and running topics, manage contests, and interact with the followers. 
Research, choose, and coordinate with Melissa, each month to create an inspirational and interesting Instagram campaign each month, and create a Facebook tab to spotlight blogs, webinars and program launches. 
Manage the company's social media presence on Pinterest: Create daily pins, search out and repost relevant pins about fitness, nutrition, healthy recipes, weight loss, work-out inspiration, and motivational tips;
Instagram - manage IG Challenge and keep track of follower growth.
Grow Instagram audience
Grow FB audience 
Collect information for and create Facebook events for each of the live streams

Social Media Manager/Strategist & Stellar SM Content Creator


Loves being part of a mission-based business
Want time-freedom and to make money doing something you love
You LOVE all things social media
You geek out on how to grow your following and create engagement
You love learning and using apps to support SM goals
You are in-the-know of all IG and FB analytics, changes and ways to optimize
Think outside the box
You can create awesome Meme's, short videos and do graphic overlays in your sleep
You're passionate about working for a company where you feel and know you make a difference and are positively impacting people
You're a creative and also supper efficient, detail oriented and proficients in social media, marketing and online business
Your primary platforms are FB, IG and Youtube
Totally Tech savvy
Local in SD
Able to work 2-3 days per week with me curating content and making videos
A social media mavin - meaning you geek out on social media and gaining followers
In-the-know of varying social media platforms - Instagram, Youtube, Facebook
Can create incredible graphics on canva
Can create meme's
Have a marketing background
Know SM analytics
Are familiar with SM scheduling programs
Detail oriented
Time efficient
Into health and wellness, body love and positivity

Stellar Content Creator: You know how to and are:

Has impeccable grammar and spelling
Detail oriented
Loves writing and creating powerful posts and tips for inspiration, motivation and transformation
Has an eye for what people need to hear
Is great at pulling content
Can organize and work from a marketing calendar
Foresee's trends
Creates posts that relate to current topics
Has an eye for tying in and meme, image or quote with the post for impact and engagement
Is excited to be the voice of change
Loves supporting a mission based business
Enjoys creating content

Instagram: You know how to...

Run contests
Create strategy
Create and build social media marketing calendars to work from
Know how to create and run Ads
Increase followers and engagement
Create videos with text overlay, music and more
Optimal hashtags - know which ones to use
Understand the ins and outs for raising awareness, collaboration and building relationships
Know how to get brand sponsorships
SEO for optimization across all platforms
Create posts
Create content for posting using videos, images and meme's


knowledgable of BeLive TV
Facebook lives optimization
Know how to run ads and boost posts
Boosting posts
Scheduling and using schedulers
Managing pages
increasing followers
Upping engagement
Create posts
Create content for posting using videos, images and meme's

Youtube: You know how to...

Create and find ideal Hashtags
Optimal Tagging
Write Titles
Optimal posting times
Create ideal thumbnails for reach
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