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Ambitious social media person sought for new music center - art / media / design - job employment

City: Chicago
Date: 07 Sep 2018
Category: Art / Media / Design

Chance for an ambitious social media person to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new 43,000 square foot tech and studio complex being built in the south side of Chicago near Hyde Park. Over half of the space will be devoted to music studio rehearsal spaces. The rest of the space will be offices for start-up or relatively new businesses, many in the tech or artistic areas. As an idea of our scope, we expect to have 65-110 music studios in our space, making us the largest music studio complex in the South Side of Chicago.

We already have some of our office space rented. We expect to have about half of the total building occupied in about six months as the construction is completed, and the rest rented within 2019.

Our mission is that we are creating spaces for talented people to create and grow businesses and artistic possibilities and we want to be a vehicle for providing high quality space and strong media support for them.

We are looking to begin our social media outreach very soon. Here is a general description of what we expect you will do:

1. You will help create and maintain our website and content across social media platforms. We will support our tenants by our social media with bios, info and video links. You will help plan, track and execute strategies which build up our market and help support our tenant base. We also want to build and grow relationships with related music businesses and industry professionals.
2. You will create and help manage our communications with our tenant base and our prospective tenants and customers, as well as our outreach to the local and greater community. Space payment will be possible from our website.
3. We will have first page position on relevant website searches.

We expect this to be a multi-year effort to place our facility among the top spaces in the city. You can be part of this. This is a chance to make a real difference. Here are just some of the non-monetary perks of the position:

1. Chance to interact with some of the most interesting musicians in the Chicago area.
2. Free use of unrented music spaces
3. Great networking possibilities with up and coming businesses


1. Advanced knowledge of website development and all social media platforms including: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
2. SEO and Google Analytics demonstrated experience: debugging errors, CSS design, editing WP theme files/template code (in PHP), finding/configuring/installing plugins + keyword research, Google Analytics, Data Studio reporting.
3. HTML Coding for Website and blog updates
4. Experience with Adobe Suite, WordPress, HTML is an absolute must. Microsoft Office experience is also a plus.
5. Design, Illustrator and Photoshop demonstrated experience.
6. Self-starter with excellent writing and proofreading skill. Ability to work independently and a team player.
7. A believer in our mission and a passion to have our hub to be the best for our target market in the city.

Send us information showing that you have the experience, ability and passion to create and maintain the social media portion of our business.

You can work from home.



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