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Contract/Freelance Graphic/Brand/Web Designer Sought - art / media / design - job employment

City: Sacramento
Date: 30 Aug 2018
Category: Art / Media / Design

Seeking a tasteful and creative designer for a freelance role in Midtown Sacramento.

We're a boutique video marketing and design agency. Very small. Two people. I'm getting a lot of brand, print, web and other design work, as well. Can't do it all. Don't want to turn it down. With the right person, will probably go after more. I like lists, so instead of explaining, here's the powerpoint version:

What we need:

• Very tasteful and experienced designer. We love clean. Like Cereal. Don't know what Cereal is? Check it out.
• Local to Sacramento area only, please. All others ignored/trashed. No offense.
• Mostly remote. I do have a place for you to work, and you'll have to come in to collaborate a few times a week. But, home office warriors are good too.
• Near expert: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. You've had a dream about bezier curves and are constantly practicing your clone tool skills.
• Willing to be an expert: Premiere/After Effects. We do and will be doing a lot of video.
• Would be VERY cool: Knows how to design custom-looking sites in Wordpress using customizable templates. Willing to train!
• Our clients are varied. Financial firms, music/entertainment, luxury vehicles, art/art gallery, public utility, etc. Be open-minded and positive attitude/go-getter.
• Did I mention GREAT attitude? I'm easy like Sunday Morning. I hope you are too. Must be willing to bend over backwards for clients sometimes. Clients that are regularly hard to work with aren't clients for long.
• Good at juggling time/projects/shifting gears/etc.
• Process-oriented. We got process for days...and even on top of that I want to improve.
• BONUS: photo/video skills. We have LOTS of video fun stuffs. But if you had knowledge of cameras and how to shoot stuff, all the better.
• For now: you have your own computer setup and an Adobe Creative Cloud account. We might provide that later.
• It may kill the dream if you come in with a "I don't do social media" vibe. Social media is very buttery. Like a croissant but pays a lot better.
• Pay is 1099, mostly by project. Everything else is by hour. Both will be determined before you start.
• Wants to learn! Wants to grow!


• Pretty much freedom with your time. We mostly don't care as long as you getter done.
• Cool space to work when we collaborate. Heart of Midtown. Best sandwiches in town across the street.
• Both of us are easy-going. Be a part of a small family.
• Chance to work on rad stuff. Chance to learn.
• If you're great, compensation will be great.
• Fun and interesting clients...mostly.
• Might be full-on perks, like benefits, vacation and travel. Not yet. But could be depending how it works out.


• Some meetings.
• Some pressure. Do great and timely work and this pretty much goes away.
• Some learning curve.
• Some process-oriented details.
• Some weekends, perhaps. Trying really hard to avoid this for all of us.
• Occasional picky clients.

Send us your resume and a portfolio of your best work. We don't need to see a lot of work. Just your best work. 5-7 pieces. Please don't send us graphic files. Send us to that cool website you've been working on for yourself. We'll worry about references later. If you've read this far, put "I subscribe to your vibe" in the subject line. If that line is not in your subject, we'll still get it, but... well, you know.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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