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Cisco technical trainers needed! - systems / networking - operations job employment

City: New york city
Date: 27 Aug 2018
Category: Systems / Network

Do you know the TCP/IP stack? Maybe you have a few technical certifications in network technology? Perhaps you have a: CCNA? CCNP? CCIE? JNCIE-ENT? Network+ (Comp TIA)? WCNA? MCSE? Interested in a new lucrative professional challenge?

My company specializes in providing technical trainers to Cisco. Cisco is in need of trainers that can teach technologies like IOSXR, ACI with Nexus, segment routing on Cisco gear...

As you know, there is a major shift in the way networks are being administered. MPLS is extremely powerful, and provided tremendous advantages, but it's clear that segment routing and Application Centric Infrastructure is the future. Cisco is making a huge push to educate folks on this new technology, and my company is helping Cisco recruit talent.

Prerequisites include having a complete understanding of traditional routing and switching technologies. You do not need to be a savant, but you do need to know the names of all the protocols traditionally used, clearly understand the theory of how they are implemented, and have some experience linking computers together and making them happily talk to each other (in a production environment, or in a sandbox).

In order to be "green-lighted" by Cisco to teach a class, you need to take the class first. I will pay you $200/day to take these classes. Some classes are one-day long, some classes are 4 to 5 days long. You can only take each class once. If you pass, Cisco will green-light you to teach the class, and then your name will be added to their list of resources for said class. When you teach these classes, I will pay you between $275/day and $400/day depending on your experience.

You will teach classes via Webex, or live in a classroom setting. There are literally thousands of these classes happening all over the world, so at times I may need to send you out to teach on location for a week. If I ask you to travel, all your expenses will be covered: airfare, hotel, meal per-diem, and taxi/ride-share fare to and from classroom.

This is a freelance position, aka 1099. We are ramping up, and going to need approximately 40 strong trainers, as we believe we'll be able to keep 40 trainers busy. How busy? It's hard to say. It is freelance, and it depends on your skill-set... However, I'm confident (for example) that I can have you working about 3.5 weeks a month IF you can program a Cisco network via Python. If you are only able to teach the beginner level classes, I can probably book you for 4-5 days once every 3 to 6 weeks. That is the range to realistically expect.

Interested? Please reply with a cover-letter and send your resume. Thank you for your time.

(Also please note I need trainers who can speak one or more of these languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese, and Portuguese).

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