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Roofer Wanted Roofing Tradesman Skilled Asphalt Shingles Shingle - skilled trades / artisan - job employment

City: Greensboro
Date: 10 Jul 2018
Category: Skilled Trade / Craft

Tear off and Replace Full $35 Per Square
So if the roof has 20 Square your pay would be $700
You are required to provide the Necessary Tools for the job. Truck or Trailer provide if needed.
For Change outs and installs. If you travel 2 hours to get to a service call and 2 hours back to your home for a total of 4 hours travel, you will get paid 3 hours of drive time for that job. If travel you get paid half wages, and gas.
If you have to stay over the night you get $25.00 per day if you stay at the vacant home you are working at or we pay for your hotel.

Service Calls Pay $25.00 Per hour from the time you leave your home until the time you get back to your home or the next job. Many of your service calls will turn into installs.
You must be able to Think ahead.
You must be able to look at the entire job. Lay it out. Order all your materials and eliminate many trips to the store. If you cannot think ahead like this, please do not apply.
Do not text me unless you are honest.
Do not text me if you are not consistent with your work and quality.
I will need references from all previous employers. Please send all references of previous job history and contact phone number via email.
You will be required to provide addresses of Properties that you have worked on in the past so that we can physically see you work product and communicate with those who have worked for in the past.
You will also be required to take a drug test.
You must be willing to have us do a background check.
We have over 40 clients who are renovating and building all the time.
We cover all 100 counties in NC and you must be willing to travel.
Do not apply for the job if you are not an American citizen. You will be required to Everify or show valid drivers license.
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