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Voice Talent Wanted for English Study Materials! - tv/film/video/radio

City: Cornwall
Date: 07 Jul 2018
Category: TV / Film / Video

We are looking for a voice talent with a pure American accent for English study materials.

• American English speaker with a clear and smooth voice.
• Eligible to make good recordings without background noises, for example, metallic sounds or expiratory sounds.

Telecommuting/Home-based, Casual

Based on the length of recordings, $15 for per 1-hour recording
Payment will be made via PayPal.

If you are interested, please make a demo of the following material and send it along with a copy of your resume to us to refer to.

Preliminary Test Recording Material:
Northern Kenya is a vast, varied and breathtakingly beautiful landscape, home to some of the most spectacular and important wildlife in East Africa. This is a place where wildlife, people, and livestock have co-existed for thousands of years. It's also where you'll find the "towers of the savanna," reticulated giraffes. They are one of Africa's most popular animals, and yet they are still little studied and not well understood. There is much to learn about these giraffes, but before we have even begun to delve into their mysteries, they are being threatened. It is now clear that they need conservation efforts to keep them from becoming extinct.
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