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Legal Transcription on your schedule! - legal/paralegal - job employment

City: Boston
Date: 07 Jul 2018
Category: legal / paralegal

Looking for part-time work at home? Got a good knowledge of grammar, punctuation and legal experience in your background? Transcription may be the right thing for you.

1. Work from home transcribing legal court cases (hearings, motions, trials) and all you need is a USB foot pedal, a headset and Express Scribe Transcription Software, Microsoft Word based.
2. Part-time flexibility means you can work when you want--just meet deadlines.
3. Prefer experience typing legal documents for the courts - we coach not train.
4. Must be familiar with the Massachusetts Trial Courts rules of transcription: Uniform Transcript Format or UTF.
6. Per page pay rate varies according to due date and type of work.
7. ProDex Word Indexing software required and is the cost of doing business.

Great work done at your convenience but legal knowledge and previous transcription experience are needed.

Must meet due dates and have an extensive knowledge of MS Word. A legal background is a strong plus. Paid by the page and sometimes by the hour. Experience required. References required. Must have legal typing experience. Truthfully, this is very interesting work!
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