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Woman-Owned Startup ISO Full-Stack Code Genius/Organizational Dynamo - web / html / info design - job employment

City: Raleigh / durham / CH
Date: 05 Jul 2018
Category: Web / Info Design

Hmmm. These things are always hard. What to say about me so that you can't resist?

I never know what to say.

That I'm an app of the world? That I love connecting people? That I want to change the way people meet for love, sex, romance, play, whatever?

Seems a bit trite and canned, huh?

Well, I'll start with the basics, then. I'm young. Not quite three years old. Only one year under my belt live to the public in prototype release, so I guess you could say I'm a work-in-progress.

Well, who isn't?

I've certainly trimmed down over the past year.

I've learned a lot from my ex-time online, and I've stepped back (currently in private BETA testing) for a full makeover, from the code up. I'm feeling pretty damn optimistic about all this.

I'm a bit spicy.

I like to get kinky.

I'm not into sleazy hookups or adult vids or anything like that, but I definitely contain adult language and a risqué photo or thousand, so I wouldn't pair well with someone offended by what consenting adults like to do in their search for love and connection.

And speaking of love and connection, I'm pretty LGBTQIA and other alternative lifestyles-friendly, and my partner should be, too.

If these sorts of things make you uncomfortable or are against your belief system, I totally understand. You're definitely not a fit, and I wish you all the best.

My ideal connection is with a driven developer who craves making their mark on the world, enjoying life, and contributing to underserved communities with amazing web and phone apps, while also making bank.

You'll be willing to work long and hard to get a project off the ground with almost no pay and lots of promises because you have the confidence of believing in yourself and the choices you make to take you where you want to go, professionally and financially.

And I'm an excellent choice in that area, if I do say so myself.


You enjoy taking charge, creating systems and working with people. You love travel, and care about how humans actually interact with and use the code you work hard to create.

Solving problems in creative, flexible ways is a rush and charges you in much the same way as skydiving or parkour might.

You rock working with a team of incredibly diverse developers, guiding them and lifting everyone to new levels of amazing, while keeping your eyes on the long-range goals, and leading by example in speed, efficiency and communication.

Out-of the box thinking (yours and others') is your happy place. You think it's fun taking disparate ideas from multiple channels and making them part of your eclectic, well-informed world.

You're looking for your skin-in-the game, your piece of the pie, and you won't quit until you find the right fit.

Neither will I.

Now, I don't normally think a checklist is the best way to pick a partner, but there are a few things that we really should have in common, or it could never work, like:

  • 3+ years of experience in Node.js and Front-End Javascript

  • MongoDB (Mongo Atlas)

  • AWS

  • 1+ years of experience with Vuejs, (or equivalent)

  • Experience with designing consistent and re-usable components in the front-end

  • Experience with performance optimization in the front-end

  • Experience with data visualization

  • Familiarity with test driven development(TDD)

  • Github ticketing & branching


  • iOS Native

  • Android Native

If this all sounds like you and you see some potential in a first date where we can get to know each other better, send me a little note telling me what stands out most about my ad for you. Attach your resume, sample work, autobiography, video application, interpretive prose recording, and a photo of your puppy (optional)...

Whatever YOU feel will showcase your amazing skills and WHO YOU ARE to me--and if you impress me, then my posse of weirdos, tech peeps, and consultants.

Whether you feel I'm right for you or not, I wish you all the best in finding the perfect partner to fulfill all your fantasies.


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