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Long Term Wiccan Online Teacher (Video/Newsletters) - tv / film / video / radio - job employment

City: Ventura county
Date: 04 Jul 2018
Category: TV / Film / Video


We have a very large number of Magickal students (mostly beginners) learning all sorts of Magickal things inside our Private Magickal Online Training area.

We are looking for many more Magick teachers to provide short 4-8 minute step-by-step spell demonstration videos, and short 4-8 page "newsletters" to go along with those videos. You can do all of this from the comfort of your own home!

I hope that we can welcome you as one of our teachers - helping to populate our online classroom with fun & interesting trainings on all things magickal. This is a long term position - for monthly recurring income.

Our main focus is to keep things interesting, fun, and to encourage group participation. We require strict adherence to a set of ethics that will all be explained to all serious applicants.

These are long term paid positions, and classwork/newsletters will be produced monthly.

Applicants should :

* Be knowledgeable about the practice of mainstream Pagan traditions. (i.e. Wicca)

* Have a creative and "artsy" way of thinking, to make the course videos and newsletters interesting and fun.

* Feel comfortable in front of a camera in your home to guide students through step-by-step techniques.

* Knowledge about how to film a home video, make it sound and look "clear" - it doesn't have to be pro-level professional, but it should look good enough. :)

* Have a base set of tools and ingredients.

* Be a good/engaging/personable/creative writer.

You can produce as much content as you'd like following the monthly outline of content we have in place - and you are encouraged to "make it your own" and provide a unique voice to the students.

This group is all about LOVE and POSITIVE energy - everything is on the side of love and light - nothing dark or shady.

Content will fall into several categories - but there's also room to explore other Magickal topics... love, prosperity, good luck attraction, negative energy cleansing, divination, tarot, astrology, etc...

Each "month" of content includes:

* 4 Magickal Tutorial word documents (4-8 pages - with additional magickal tips for that month of spells and techniques, stories, words of wisdom, etc...)

* 4 short Magickal demonstration videos (4-8 minutes long) (You can use your phone, as long as it sounds and looks good - with good lighting, and strong/clear sound.)

For completing all these, we will pay $1000 - and you can move through the monthly content production as fast as you'd like, following the outline.

NOTE: We will also reimburse you for any reasonable expenses for ingredient/material costs for the spell demonstrations.

Please answer the following questions, and then I'll respond and we can discuss further on doing a paid "test" which will be just 1 video and 1 word document of content.

Here are the questions...

1. Do you consider yourself a good creative writer? Why?

2. Do you have wicca/pagan/spell casting experience? Explain.

3. Are you comfortable filming a short step-by-step "how to" spell casting/Magick video demonstration? Will it look and sound good? (You also have the option of doing this with a friend - you as the writer, or video personality, and your friend as the "other half". :) )

Please send an email from this listing with your answers, and I'll be in touch quickly. Thank you!
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