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project manager to help with website develpment and fund raising - art / media / design - job employment

City: Salt lake city
Date: 04 Jul 2018
Category: Art / Media / Design

Hi, I need help with a few projects.
I need 3 different fund raising postings created

My immediate projects are about
*raising attention to an elder abuse issue,
*offering a million dollar opportunity for someone to develop my projects
fyi... I'm a want a be entrepreneur

1st part...
I'm going to use text (like a billboard tag line) for their required postings, I've designed it but need to get it from the page its created on to the fund raising posting

2nd part... this is not a mandatory part of the project if your not a writer I can get someone else
I have 3 drafts of the text written out, need help with consolidating them and putting the new version to the post

3rd part....
I'm using wix for my websites and need help with adding the following
-email registration and auto mailings
-creating an open comment format that incorporates like and dislike of the comment
-seo the sites

4th part...
need to promote the websites
-If social media can get better results than an outdoor signage campaign then I'm for it
-my outdoor signage campaign is targeting a local community with a person holding the sign,
-it will also include putting up a mobile billboard next to hi volume traffic freeway

I have another website to develop and promote nationally and globally if I can get a little funding for it and it might be long term
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