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Junior Network/Python/IT Engineer Assistant (Entry Level + Remote) - systems / networking - operations job employment

City: Portland
Date: 04 Jul 2018
Category: Systems / Network

About Bit Autonomy:

We are a Cisco Partner that aims to provide network engineering fulfillment services. As a young startup, we are seeking candidates to learn and grow with us as we build out our internal infrastructure and develop tools/processes that will help us succeed. Our current team consists of a Principal Network Engineer (FT), Network Engineer (FT), Network Engineer/Programmer (FT), Office Manager/Bookkeeper (PT), and a Maintenance Assistant (PT).

What You'll Be Doing:

We are an agile shop and we use the JIRA platform to manage sprints and delegate tasks. Most of your day-to-day work will be laid out for you on there. We meet in person weekly to do sprint planning, discuss what we've done and any impediments we've ran into, and what we want to accomplish in the upcoming week/sprint.

As a startup with a small team "everybody takes out the trash", meaning you'll be wearing several hats and performing a wide range of duties including but not limited to:
  • Answering the phone in a professional manner

  • Discussing business requirements with clients

  • Reviewing RFPs (request for proposals) and creating proposals

  • Identifying and reviewing KPIs (key performance indicators)

  • Generating P/L reports for deals

  • Reading documentation, taking training and reading books

  • Manual data processing such as (sorting emails, spreadsheet data, etc)

  • Running errands (picking up food, organization of office, network cabling)

  • Provisioning new servers using Ansible and AWS

  • Processing data from network devices and excel sheets using Ansible/Salt and Python

  • Creating reports using custom python scripts

  • Developing network automation scripts using python

  • Drafting blogs, presentations, and demos

  • Travel to client sites to install networking devices (Future)

  • * Bold indicates frequent duties

Skills You Have:

  • Good attitude***

  • Willingness to learn***

  • Linux**

  • Python**

  • Cisco/Juniper/Arista*

  • Git**

  • Ansible*

  • Docker*

  • Vagrant*

  • AWS**

  • Web Development (react, flask/django, bootstrap)*

  • Microsoft Office and/or Google G-Suite**

  • Latex*

  • Tech Writing*

  • Sales*

*** = A must have ** = Nice to have experience with *= Good to have heard of


  • $15/hour straight pay

  • Flexible hours

  • Personalized company business cards (after 2 months)

  • Biannual reviews

  • Corporate credit card for business related expenses supplies, travel, etc

  • Training and professional development in programming/networking fields

  • Paid on a weekly basis

How to Apply:

Apply by submitting resume and links to relevant sites or profiles (GitHub, GitLab, LinkedIn, personal website/blog, etc).
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