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Cloud Migration Engineers/Architects Wanted AWS, Azure, Google Cloud - systems / networking - operations job employment

City: San francisco bay area
Date: 04 Jul 2018
Category: Systems / Network

Software Engineer / Data Architect Consultant
We are seeking engineers & architects to help build and grow our data storage, processing, and migration consulting practice. We work with companies whose Hadoop, Data Lake, Big Data, and Data Warehouse infrastructure(s) are some of the industry's largest-scale deployments Our client solutions consist of tens of thousands of machines that store and process hundreds of petabytes of data. Our team has a track record of helping these large enterprise companies migrate to Google, Azure, AWS etc.

Our current need is an opportunity to place a few key resources on a special project(s). The goal is to help our respective clients define, document, and migrate their data solutions and infrastructure architecture(s) into various Cloud Platforms.

The Software Engineer / Data Architect will help guide customers on how to configure and deploy their cloud infrastructure consisting of network architecture, application security, identity and access management, logging, monitoring, and more. You will consult with customers on how to best design, deploy and optimize their cloud deployments for high availability, reliability, performance, and scale.

Consultants will act as trusted technical advisor to customers and solve complex cloud data solutions, infrastructure design, and deployment challenges. Create and deliver best practices recommendations, tutorials, blog articles, sample code, and technical presentations adapting to different levels of key business and technical stakeholders. Travel regularly in-region for meetings, technical reviews, and onsite delivery activities as needed.
Deployment(s) can include:
• Migration of one targeted application/solutions to the cloud.
• Work with and contribute to the Apache Hadoop and related open source communities to build new features and fix issues
• Design and build a hybrid cloud solution combining on-premise and in-cloud clusters.
• Diagnose and troubleshoot complex distributed systems problems and develop solutions with a significant impact at our massive scale.
• Help Build tools to ingest and process more than 1 trillion messages per day.
• Design and develop next-gen storage and compute platforms used by dozens of engineering teams
• Communicate with a wide set of teams, including Hardware, Network, Linux kernel, JVM, SiteOps teams, and cloud vendors.
• Build advanced tooling for testing, monitoring, administration, and operations of multiple clusters across data centers, on-premise and in-cloud clusters.

• 4 years minimum experience writing production-level code (5+ years preferred)
• Strong understanding of data structures, algorithms and complexity analysis (Big-O, stacks, queues, sorting and searching, trees, graphs, etc)
• Solid understanding of design patterns (Observer, Decorator, Factory, Singleton, Command, Adapter/Facade, Template Method, Iterator/Composite, State, Proxy, etc)
• Solid knowledge of Linux (cmd line and OS stack)
• Knowledge of JVM internals and performance tuning (Garbage Collection, hotspot analysis, jstack, jconsole, etc.)
• Ability to work with and contribute to Apache Hadoop and related open source communities to build new features and fix issues
• Strong engineering ability as well as excellent professionalism and client facing finesse.
A plus:

• Running large infrastructure services on cloud.
• Experience with OSS technologies such as HDFS, YARN, Tez, Flume, HBase, Spark, Zookeeper.
• Solid knowledge of networking and Linux systems management.
• Experience with operating system internals, file systems, disk/storage technologies and storage protocols.
• Diagnose and troubleshoot complex distributed systems problems and develop solutions with a significant impact at massive scale (5,000+ node Hadoop clusters)

This position may be a contract or full-time opportunity depending on the needs of our client as the projects progress.
Estimated 60% work form home and 40% travel anywhere in the US to client site as required.
Compensation is commensurate with your skill-set, experience and suitability to the project at hand.
Sorry no H1-b sponsorship or transfers. Must be US Citizen or permanent resident authorized to work in USA.
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