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IT Services Director & Level 2 Technician for MSP - systems / networking - operations job employment

City: Phoenix
Date: 04 Jul 2018
Category: Systems / Network

Hello, and thanks for your interest! I'm reposting this, because we've been quite successful in finding some great IT professionals, and now we need a few more, along with a Director level manager/mentor! If you have current or recent experience in an IT Services or Managed Services Provider (MSP) environment (especially enterprise level experience), PLEASE read're exactly who we are looking for! We would love nothing more than to pay you handily for your IT talents...

We are a newly started MSP division of a privately held, profitable and well established (we're going on our 20th year in business) Value Added Reseller (VAR) of computer hardware, software, networking and virtualization products to corporations and governmental agencies throughout the United States. Our new IT Services / MSP division is growing a lot faster than we anticipated, so we need to hire several highly technical IT professionals to join our team. We're a small group of friendly, hardworking, creative, intelligent, and driven people who get along extremely well and love what we do. We're looking to hire at least one EXTREMELY experienced Director level individual (i.e., 5+ years of expert level experience in enterprise level networking, team management, with potentially a blend of corporate IT and MSP experience, etc. This is a six-figure role.), and potentially one less experienced individual (think strong Level 2 technician or above).

First of all, if this job description seems pretty casual, that's because it reflects us as a company - we like to be fun, informal (usually), honest, and straight forward. Our interview process - if you want to call it that - is just a series of fairly casual conversations so you get to know us, and we get to know you. Real people just getting to know one another instead of having awkward interviews - hey, what a concept! If you have the experience we need, please give us a chance to talk to you! If you like what we have to say over an initial call with you, we'll take you to lunch/dinner/happy hour, feed you steak (fish if you're vegetarian), and try our damnedest to give you a raise and steal you away from your current MSP employer (there's that honesty I mentioned). Don't worry, we're happy to abide by your non-compete/non-solicit contract until it expires.

Compensation: Yes, I'm putting this first, because you probably like money. For our Director level role, this can easily be a $100,000+ position for the person who has the rare combination of skills we need.
Compensation for individuals with the IT Services / MSP experience we need will be highly competitive. I hate putting a salary "range" into this, because if you truly have the experience we need, we want to talk to you, no matter what your compensation level. We are a profitable, stable company with the financial resources which allow us to afford top tier talent (AND we can get extremely creative with compensation plans since we lock our HR Director in a dark closet until he does what we say). So whether you're the Top Gun in your company making well above $100,000 per year, or you're relatively new to the MSP world making $16 an hour, we have the budget to talk with you. Don't be shy...

However, we're quite confident that we can offer you more than just a raise. We think you'll be just as excited about the huge opportunity for personal and professional growth that comes along with building a new IT Services company from the ground floor. This is an opportunity to build something big in this industry, and we feel these positions will be hugely appealing to the driven, intelligent, personable professionals we're looking to have join our team. It doesn't hurt that we're all drama free and fun to work with too. I personally enjoy working with emotionally stable people...if you don't, I highly recommend moving to the next job posting, but really appreciate you getting this far.

As the corporate recruiter for these roles, I am posting this anonymously because in the past, we have been inundated with unqualified candidates (i.e., no IT experience whatsoever) who like to continually call and email. I'd love to say I can get back to everyone, no matter what their qualification level, but I can't (and I apologize to you up front if I don't!). With that said, I am extremely excited to discuss this opportunity with experienced individuals who possess the following:

1) For the Director level hire, we would love to talk to individuals who have proven experience successfully managing one or more teams of IT professionals (IT department, IT Helpdesk, MSP Team composed of various talents, etc). A well-rounded background consisting of experience both within an IT solutions / MSP company and a corporate IT department in a management role would be awesome (but not mandatory). What we truly need is an extremely technically well rounded, personable (i.e., occasionally customer facing), passionate and experienced IT professional to help us both build AND mentor a team. Because we have earned the business of several large, enterprise level clients, someone who has worked only in an MSP that serves small to medium sized businesses might not have the hands-on experience that's needed for the Director level role. BUT, if you're really good, we may be able to create another role for you on the I said, we're flexible.

2) For the Director level hire, because we are in start-up mode, we NEED a leader who can both manage projects and properly task the team. However, you must also be a HANDS-ON LEADER. Someone who is ready and willing to dive in and complete a lot of the technical work alongside their team.
This is NOT an armchair quarterback Director level need to be the expert at successfully DOING the technical work, as well as effectively teaching your team members HOW to accomplish that work. You're the person who delegates and tells your team what to do. But if they can't do it, YOU CAN...and then you'll teach them how to do it going forward.

3) We want to build our team with likeable, honest, unpretentious people who do their best to get along with whoever they meet while at work, and really enjoy what they do for a living. You love what you do in the IT field...and it shows. We're looking for socially adept, good hearted people who can, if needed, visit a client site and make a positive impression for yourself and the company. Granted, most of your work will be done remotely...

5) Telecommuting: We allow our employees to occasionally work from home if they can regularly show that they have the ability to efficiently and effectively complete all of their work in that environment. Yes, you'll have to come to the office on's nice to get the team together! But we also realize it's easy to be side tracked in an office, so sometimes working from the silence of your own home is best. You won't start out working from home, but if you can prove that you're a responsible team member that gets your work DONE, we're flexible.

4) Location: Ideally, you live in the Phoenix metropolitan area (east valley is even better, because who wants a long commute?). However, we are ready and willing to talk to out of state candidates who are spectacularly suited to the Director level position.

5) IT skills needed: If you have recent IT Services / MSP experience, you probably have a solid understanding of the type of experience we're looking for (networking configuration expertise; server migrations; server upgrades and maintenance; virtualization; use of ticketing systems; blah blah blah...). But here are a few "buzz words" that we'd love to see expertise in, especially for the Director level role. Please note that candidates do not NEED to possess experience with every one of's just a "wish list." If you don't have experience with something, we have the resources available to teach you.

-High level networking experience, ideally with various products (Cisco, HP, Dell, etc.) We highly value strong, hands-on networking experience.
-Firewall Security Management
-Systems Administration
-Virtualization knowledge
-Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions
-Troubleshooting / Helpdesk Management
-Office 365 knowledge
-Windows Server
-Project Management
-VOIP Network Administration
-Cloud Computing
-Datacenter Experience

These are full-time, salaried positions with 3 weeks of paid time off (PTO) provided annually.
Employee health care insurance is provided by the company via Blue Cross Blue Shield (4 plans to choose from).

So if you have the aforementioned skill sets (or a reasonable combination of them), we would LOVE to have a casual conversation with you and tell you everything you want to know about our company and growth plans.

If interested, send us a resume and a few lines about yourself. Don't have a current resume, but DO have a LinkedIn page? Send us a narrative describing your skillset, and a link to your LinkedIn page. I'm trying to keep this easy!

Finally, if you would like to apply, but also wish to keep your identity confidential, feel free to remove any personally identifiable information off your resume and send it. The Craigslist email system does not disclose your name or actual email address (email is anonymized), so your confidentiality is safe. It's only fair that since we're posting this confidentially, you should have the ability to do so as well. If your experience looks great, we will reach out via Craigslist even if we don't know who you are.

Thanks for reading, and we genuinely look forward to talking with all qualified candidates in the very near future! :-)

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