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Earn up to $21,000 or more as an egg donor, start immediately! - healthcare - job employment

City: Tucson
Date: 08 Jun 2018
Category: Medical / Health


1 in 8 couples will struggle with can help!
Start your journey today by becoming an egg donor with The World Egg Bank.
Arizona based donors earn $3,500-6,000 per donation cycle, have the possibility of donation up to 6 times and are usually selected for immediate cycling!
A majority of monitoring appointments can be done in Tucson, however any necessary appointments at The World Egg Bank clinic in Phoenix will be compensated $75 per trip.


Eligibility requirements
- Women between ages 18-32
- Resident of the United States or Canada
- Non-smoker
- No alcohol and/or drug abuse or addiction
- Knowledge of medical and genetic history of family members up to biological grandparents (even if applicant is adopted, they must know this information)
- Cannot be on the birth control Depo Provera, or Implanon/Nexplanon
- Healthy Body Mass Index
- Be willing to administer medications by injection
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