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Create REAL RESIDUAL INCOME!! Pharmacy experience PREFERRED! - healthcare - job employment

City: Los angeles
Date: 08 Jun 2018
Category: Medical / Health


- Pharmacists
- Pharmacy Techs
- Pharmaceutical Sales
- Pharmacy Interns
- Nurse Practitioners
- Doctors
- Dentists

If you know drugs... You want to know this business!!

My name is Cameron Knowles, and I am a pharmacist. I work two days a week and own a photography business. I say that to say... I would not be able to follow my dreams without Honest Discounts (HD). For over 6 years, the residual income from this business has allowed me to save, invest, and live my dream life. I am 30 years old, and my student loan payments are completely covered by my residual income with HD. For a long time I was satisfied with that... But this is gold people. This is million dollar stuff if you can hustle with the knowledge.

I am here to share this opportunity with knowledgeable individuals. This is no subscription, this is no gimmick, this is a real business. See

Set yourself up to earn RESIDUAL INCOME FOR LIFE with no investment other than helping cash patients save money! Earn extra cash to supplement your student loans, take care of that pesky car note, or totally take care of that phone bill!

Ever see those pharmacy discount cards floating thru your mail box? The pharmacy? The doctors office? Ever wonder who gets paid from that service?...

Well now YOU can be the one to GET PAID for this great service!! Right now my company is RAPIDLY EXPANDING and we are looking for ambitious minds who want to help patients save money while earning EXTRA CASH!

Knowing the drugs and the insurance lingo makes learning this business very easy. However, if you are great at marketing and would like a chance to build a residual income stream... Contact me for this amazing opportunity!

Cameron Knowles, PharmD
Honest Discounts Regional Director

If you would like more detailed info to possibly get started right away... Click the link below!

Click this link for a video introduction to making RESIDUAL INCOME with Honest Discounts!
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