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Looking for FREELANCE LAWYER - legal/paralegal - job employment

City: North jersey
Date: 07 Jun 2018
Category: legal / paralegal

Dedicated Legal Marketer (lead generation) looking for a Dedicated Lawyer (affiliated or unaffiliated, as long as you can handle the supplemental volume of leads) to consult, get retained by, and provide top legal service for the leads I generate.

Due to a very intricate and deliberate marketing strategy, I am generating leads at a high rate and great rate of conversion. But currently have no lawyer to send these leads to.

This is for all types of law, but specifically powerful for Criminal law. But with a minor tweak can be adjusted to fit all types of law.

Looking for someone with a powerful landing page/website, or willing to invest in one, to send my Leads to.

Leads have led to cases worth upwards of $50,000 in the past.

Email me let's talk.
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