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Experienced Civil Litigation Paralegal 3 days a week remote work ok - legal/paralegal - job employment

City: Orange county
Date: 07 Jun 2018
Category: legal / paralegal

looking for experienced paralegal Jack/Jill of all things civil litigation.

Practice is primarily commercial debt collection in state court with a few P.I., §17200, and Federal cases.

I'm looking for someone:

1. who is well versed in discovery and dealing with clients and compiling and drafting discovery and discovery responses.

2. who is familiar with calendaring, filing, efiling, and working with the courts in LA, OC, San Diego, Riverside, CACD, and CACD Bankruptcy.

3. Who can complete judicial counsel forms and draft declarations and legal documents with little supervision.

4. Who can build and maintain a litigation file.

Immediate job tasks include filing 20ish complaints in Orange SC, doing 6-8 default packets, compiling and preparing client's discovery responses for service, and organizing current litigation files. If you're not confident doing these tasks, this may not be the position for you.

Most work can be done at home if you're tech savi and experienced with adobe, word, pacer/ecf, and one legal. Start immediately. My office or yours is fine.
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