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Seeking Website Developer & Email/Tech Implementation - web / html / info design - job employment

City: Boston
Date: 05 Jun 2018
Category: Web / Info Design

We are a startup restaurant company looking for someone who can develop our website, and also create several email addresses linked to the website. First we're looking for good website design capability in an efficient manner. We will be very active in the look and feel of the website so it will likely include a lot of back and forth. Second, I am not tech savvy, and ideally this individual would be able to describe the different functionalities of various hosts/email architecture, point us to the right platform, and implement all the tech necessary.

I imagine relative to other companies that we will be relatively tech light. But for the restaurant world I want us to be tech heavy, and lead a lot of our decision making through tech implementation. Because we're just getting started the tech focus is limited to website/email/notes/cloud (shared access). But down the road it could be a very large scope of production.

Right now we're looking for someone on a contract basis who can come in and perform the work we're looking for, and hopefully with a level of trust this will be an hourly paid position. We're not looking to pay top dollar, but instead looking for somebody energetic. The right person will have an opportunity if our launch goes well for substantial follow-on work. Someone with an interest in data analysis is also something we'd be looking for over time.

If interested please send a resume and 1) describe your ability to create a website, 2) list experience you have implementing email and systems, and 3) tell us whether you have enough knowledge to be able to explain the architecture differences.
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