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Qualified Manager available - security - job employment

City: Dallas / fort worth
Date: 26 May 2018
Category: Security

Licensed Qualified Manager available.

Thinking about starting a security company? I can help by answering questions, the rules/laws here in Texas are very specific. General advice and my permanent fee to be your QM is very affordable. For start-up companies being prepared before you start investing money and time is important.

10yrs QM experience here in Texas, fully familiar with TOPS and all current TXPSB and Texas Occupation Codes.

I've personally licensed over 500 officers through the process from start to finish as well as getting 10 start up companies licensed. I specialize in license application trouble shooting and file/process set up for companies. I've been the QM for two companies for over 9yrs and now I have one QM slot open.

The ideal company needs a VERY AFFORDABLE solution to an open or soon to be open position.

15 yrs personal Level III license AND experience. National EMT license (EMT Lic expired but I can pick it back up if needed).

Confidentiality guaranteed.

*** I can also help you get your QM license even without starting a company with the NEW TXPSB Manager in waiting program.

Many answers you can find on your own at Look around that site before calling the PSB so they can help you better, many answers are there.

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