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Foreclosure Mediation Attorney - ARK LAW GROUP, PLLC - legal/paralegal - job employment

City: Seattle-tacoma
Date: 15 May 2018
Category: legal / paralegal

Come Grow With Us! Join Our Team As an Associate Attorney!

Our Mission:

We counsel and support individuals who are going through tough financial times. We help them make smart decisions regarding their debt, mortgages, and financial challenges. We take on banks, lenders and debt collectors to help restore our clients' financial well-being. Our goal is to help people find the stability in their lives so that they can confidently move forward towards their own goals and dreams.

Our goal is to be in a position of helping every distressed homeowner and consumer in the United States. If you are looking for career advancement opportunities this is a great opportunity to jump into a growing firm and take on leadership roles. Ark Law Group is a modern, progressive firm, using digital applications and paperless systems to quickly and efficiently deliver best in class services to our clients.

Job Description:

We are looking for a dynamic individual to join our Client Services team as a Associate Attorney. You will work directly with our clients, reviewing financials and corresponding with banks and lenders. You will be primarily responsible for our WA mediation clients who are using the rights available to them under the Foreclosure Fairness Act. In addition, you will be an active part of our new client acquisition team, taking a handful of sales calls per days from distressed homeowners looking for relief.

This position is great for a bright, positive, smart individual that likes to provide exceptional customer service and work with parties to overcome financial challenges. Recent grads are a great fit for this position. A background in retail or other jobs that demonstrate a customer first outlook is also desirable. We provide full training for this position. Just be bright, dedicated to serving others, and eager to to be the best attorney and teammate possible.

Your Traits:

* Intuitive. You thrive in situations where you need to quickly think on your feet and make things happen.

* Collaborative. You enjoy a team setting where you can benefit from, and help other people excel.

* Focused. You know that doing one thing at a time, with your full-attention, is the best way to work.

* Calm. You don't let other people's stress get to you. You enjoy your work and being productive.

* Positive. You know that your attitude is what creates success and opportunity.

* Clear communicator. Persuasive speaking and writing come easily to you.

* Healthy. You know that exercise, good nutrition, rest, and a balanced life help you perform at your best.

* Results oriented. It is your nature to keep exploring new paths until you find the one that succeeds.

* Fun! Because work is better when you can laugh and have a good time while working.

Bottom Line:

We love what we do at Ark Law Group, and it shows in our employees--amazing, dedicated people with a passion for helping people overcome financial challenges. We work together seamlessly--like a great team--and we're always on the lookout for superstar additions who want to build the most successful consumer debt law firm in the United States. If you have a passion for a fun, youthful, exciting, innovative workplace, then come join us!

Please reply to this post with your resume and cover letter.

Ark Law Group is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants and employees are provided equal opportunity in all aspects of the employment relationship without regard to race, religion, national origin, sex, color, sexual orientation/preference, age, disability or marital status.
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