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Movie Technical Advisor on White House Interior Decor & Lifestyle - technical support - job employment

City: Washington
Date: 15 May 2018
Category: Technical Support

Movie Technical Advisor on White House Interior Decoration & Lifestyle, Contract/Part-time & Remote

Hi, our studio is working on a comedy movie, and we are looking for a contract (and part-time) Technical Advisor. His or her job is to ensure that certain scenes and scripts portrayed in this movie are as close as possible to real White House interior decoration and actual WH lifestyle.

The movie is invested by a major Chinese entertainment company. All WH scenes will be built in China as permanent facilities for future use.

This technical advisor will:
1. Collaborate remotely throughout the production with writers, directors, and prop specialists.
2. Review early drafts of script and screenplay, add authenticity and realism to the storytelling.
3. Provide detailed description of WH interior decoration, including the schematics and layout of oval office, situation room, bedroom and their window views.
4. Advise prop team to replicate WH insignia, furniture, and stationary.
5. Advise actors on speech, facial expression and body language of specific characters: an egocentric POTUS and his key staff members.
6. Be able to travel to China several times for on-site examination/lecturing during production.

1. Negotiable, contract based. Budget at tens of thousand USD. Deposit to be paid after signing NDA and contract.
2. Travel expenses will be paid in advance and separately.

We only reply to candidate who has serious WH job experience. Please reply this post with a brief resume (or LinkedIn address) attached. Detailed contract to be discussed. We will Not distribute your personal info to any third party.
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