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CONTRACT WEB FULL-STACK SOFTWARE ENGINEERS - systems / networking - operations job employment

City: Austin
Date: 10 May 2018
Category: Systems / Network

Contract Web Frontend and Backend Software Engineer
Emphasis on Full-Stack Development

A highly reputable firm currently wishing to remain anonymous is looking for a few self-motivated software engineers to contribute to a series of very exciting projects involving several fortune 500 companies and over 50 top-tier universities including UT-Austin and Texas A&M.

Applicants need to be independent contractors that are able to work from home or other locations of your choice without direct supervision. Approximately 30 to 40 hours per week over the next six months that could lead to significantly more contract assignments or employment if desired.

Technical Requirements

• Demonstrated ability to conceptualize mid to large scale infrastructure.
• Meaningful backend experience in the following areas:
a. Orchestrating AWS services such as EC2, Aurora, CloudWatch, Route53, ElastiCache, or Azure/Heroku equivalent services.
b. Experience with server-side runtimes such as Node.js or .NET Core
c. Experience with GraphQL
d. Experience with Websocket communications.
e. Experience with queues and asynchronous communications, data collection, and processing.
• Meaningful experience with web client frameworks/libraries such as Vue.js or React.js
• Demonstrated ability to build componentized, reusable client libraries
• Demonstrated ability to work with a design team on mobile and non-mobile layouts.

Soft Skills

- Incredible attention to detail and thorough in testing code
- Ability to learn and adapt quickly to changing technologies
- Frequent communication with team and leadership in a professional manner
- Ability to explain tech concepts to non-developers
- Works well in a team
- Ability to work with remote teams / resources
- Can write clearly and effectively (emails, documentation, etc.)
- Can work independently and requires minimal supervision
- Immediately notifies the team if there are risks found or problems arise
- Is able to work hard to meet deadlines even if that requires working late
- A strong desire to succeed
- Able to learn from others


Contracts are worth the equivalent of about $85,000 to $110,000 annual income. Most of our current contracts are hourly ranging from $40 to $60 per hour.

If you are interested in getting involved in some exciting projects, please submit a cover letter explaining what drives your passion for software engineering and the types of projects that you strive to be involved in along with a CV detailing your qualifications.

Please no inquiries from recruiters. Doing so will get you put on the corporate avoid list.
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