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Part-time Producer / Editor / Mental Health Social Media Ace - art/media/design

City: Toronto
Date: 08 May 2018
Category: Art / Media / Design

My name is Mark and I run an online mental health community called Everybody has a Brain that focuses on making mental health accessible to people around the world. I'm also a management consultant and an author with a book (about mental health) coming out this fall. With the book coming out, I'm looking for an awesome production assistant to take on some of the video editing, community engagement, and social media content tasks that I'm handling right now for Everybody has a Brain.

This is a part-time gig, equivalent to one day of work each week. There will be deliverables each week but the schedule is flexible. It's something you could add in after hours or on weekends if that's what's most convenient for you. I work every day of the week (because mental health challenges don't keep regular office hours) so I can be flexible as well with when we meet or communicate.

The work will mostly happen remotely so you will need your own computer and be somebody that can take ownership of a task and get it done on your own initiative. There will likely be some work we do together in-person as well, like shooting some videos outside in the summer (if there're no ice storms), or stuffing envelopes with rewards for Patreon supporters.

Examples of what you'd be doing:

  • Editing one approximately 10 minute video each week. It'll typically be a talking head video. Check out examples here:

  • Editing audio and slides together from a monthly a workshop.

  • A 30 minute production meeting at the start of each month to help me plan videos and social media for the weeks ahead. There's already an overarching marketing strategy and we'd be planning out how to connect that strategy to audience needs and what's happening in the world.

  • Taking old videos and content and editing them into short clips I can share on social media channels, like my Instagram account:

  • There'll be other tasks as well related to general community engagement, like handling mail to supporters, helping out at in-person workshops and events here in the city, writing short blurbs to introduce mental health tech articles for, occasional data entry, research, etc.

Some skills you'll need:

  • Video editing and Photoshop skills.

  • Design skills. You have a demonstrated track record of engaging with an audience, letting them tell you what their needs are, and then building products or services to meet those needs.

  • Social media skills. You can follow me on Twitter here:

  • Mental health awareness. I can get you trained up on a recovery-based approach to mental health if you're not familiar with it but you should at least know that people have brains. If you've got experience of recovery from mental health challenges, that's a bonus and very welcome.

  • Critical reading skills. I'll occasionally need you to track down additional resources or news articles on a topic and you'll need to be able to assess the quality of reporting or research in the sources.

  • Openness. I work with people from all over the world tackling the toughest challenges of their lives so the work we do needs to be actively welcoming to people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, socioeconomic backgrounds, and abilities.

Please send a cover letter along with your resume. In the resume, emphasize stuff you've enjoyed creating and provide any relevant links. Check out my YouTube and Instagram channels (listed above) and, in your cover letter, make some suggestions about how you'd use these platforms more effectively.


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