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Help with building online presence and updates for the websites. - art/media/design

City: Vancouver
Date: 15 Apr 2018
Category: Art / Media / Design

Help with online presence and updates for the websites. WRC operates in couple different industries - real estate and health and beauty services.
Looking for a student in areas of digital media marketing, web design and graphic design. Someone with passion for Beauty industry and real estate industry. Flexible hours, requires 10-12 hour per week.
Based on results, position can expend to more hours of work. Ideal for summer job, students, interns.
Can work remotely from home, with 1-2 hours meeting a week to review and plan.
Job responsibilities;
1. Creation of Mailchimp templates, newsletters and other collateral
2. Wring FB posts and create FB campings , Goggle adds, create and add social media content and share images, videos blogs newsletters
3. Instagram posting and growing followers base
4. Promotions on social media - ads, giveaways
5. Help with social media strategy and calendar
6. Infographic creation, utube channel creation
7. Website updates, knowledge of Wordpress is a huge asset.
8. Set up landing pages and promotions
9. Creation of feature sheets, flyers and other collateral material
10. Help with CRM maintenance and client management
11. Research of new lines of products or markets
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