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one-man land development co seeking in-house counsel - legal/paralegal - job employment

City: San francisco bay area
Date: 12 Apr 2018
Category: legal / paralegal

I am a one-man, currently 2-project land developer/owner, and I need a good aspiring land-use lawyer to take my battles with various planning commissions in-house.

Sample of current legal hurdles: 1. Need to overturn injunction obtained in bad faith by permit dept. 2. Need to sue 3rd party insurance company for negligence and damage to one of our units. 3. Need to secure small resort and winery Use Permit. 4. Need to secure code variance to construct mini-resort on smaller lot bordered by open space.

You're probably just getting started yourself, but you're sharp and most importantly passionate about land use and are deeply familiar with the current state of case law and can tell me something about Vinod Khosla and his dispute. (That's also a reading comprehension test, I'm going to delete any replies that don't mention him w/o reading further. I can't work with you if we can't communicate effectively and decisively.). Now that we've gotten past that, bonus points if you're into things like: Tiny Houses, Biodynamic wines, vineyards and agriculture, the emerging legal Cannabis market, resorts and hospitality, aviation, sustainability, collecting vintage cars, tech and the intersections with society including hardware and software design, etc.

This isn't an office-job, I don't have an office on purpose, but anticipate a 1hr in-person with me approx. once a week either in SF or in the Wine Country.
I'm also 100% bootstrapped, this isn't a cushy high-paid gig. This is 2 guys/girls and a garage. If you're into that, and arguing before the 9th turns you on, we can go far.
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