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Family Portrait Studio Seeks Retoucher - Part Time from Home - art / media / design - job employment

City: Los angeles
Date: 11 Apr 2018
Category: Art / Media / Design

Come join our boutique family portrait studio as a part time retoucher.

The right candidate will love the fact that this posting is long and full of information, and want to read through all of it. If you're a skip-to-the-end kind of person, this isn't a fit for you, and you won't enjoy the work (or do it very well).

Your time will be spent retouching black and white family portraits. We have a very natural and unretouched look to our imagery. You will work from home on your own computer as an independent contractor.

The successful candidate will be naturally detail orientated, very dependable, have a good eye. YOU MUST BE AN EXPERIENCED RETOUCHER WITH AN EXISTING BODY OF PORTRAIT RETOUCHING.

Photoshop skills are a must. Please be prepared to learn and use our techniques. We retouch with small brushes, not one-click software (and it shows in the quality of our work). We will put you in front of a computer and test you early on in our interview process. We can train you in what we do, but you'll need solid basic skills to start.

The amount of work will vary. Past and current retouchers we've worked with usually see between $250-$1500 per month (depending on our needs). Once they've mastered our techniques, usually within the first six months, they tend to make about $20-30 per hour, depending on their retouching speed. (We actually pay a per image fee, with large image groups in most cases). As you get better, you'll be able to work more quickly (effectively raising your pay).

This is very much one of those bread and butter jobs that will help pay your bills, which compliments freelance work very well. We create long term relationships, and are picky about working with people who are talented, consistent and dependable.

Interested applicants should follow these steps:

- Respond with a short note directed at this specific position, as well as your resume (or a description of your relevant experience).

- Respond only by email, and only through the CL address, keeping the subject line the automatic link puts in intact (it's the title of this posting). Inquires and responses by telephone will disqualify your application.

- Tell us how many hours you currently spend per month in front of a computer retouching, and how many hours you can make available to us on a monthly or weekly basis.

- Be prepared to provide specific retouching samples on request (but just include a link, if you have one, in your preliminary email to us).

- If there is something you think we would really like to know about you, tell us. We want to know why you think (or hope) you're the best person for the position.

This is the type of work you'll be working on.

Thank you in advance for your interest!
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