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Production Sound Mixer & Lighting Technician (Gaffer) - tv / film / video / radio - job employment

City: New orleans
Date: 11 Apr 2018
Category: TV / Film / Video


I am looking for a Production Sound Mixer & a Lighting Technician (Gaffer) who wants to work on upcoming short film-series based on famous Jazz Musicians from New Orleans. You must have your own equipment. The films ( 2 to 3 shorts ) will be from 20 to 30 minutes long, and I will schedule the shoots around your schedule. I won't take up a lot of your personal or professional time.

You will get credit for completing the short films in IMDB and in the ending credits of the short films. Required is that you have your own sound equipment to capture the audio for interviews and live performances. For the Gaffer position you can have a lighting kit to assist the cameramen to get the best picture quality as possible.

I will submit each short film to different film festivals around the country. They will not be placed on any digital platforms until all submissions are completed to the various film festivals.

This is a non paid position. The short films' Producer and the Jazz Musicians are volunteering there time in hopes they will be chosen by a film festival or production company to air on television. I will have official doucments for the participants of these positions to guarantee your involvement with credits on IMDB and in the short films.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for you consideration.
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