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Networking Installer Needed - systems / networking - operations job employment

City: Phoenix
Date: 08 Apr 2018
Category: Systems / Network

The fastest growing network company in the valley needs new technician/installers

Please send your resume or relevant work experience via email.

We need Installers for 3 positions:
Installer I(part time):
Will be helping install and troubleshoot cabling/wiring and/or networking
No experience, but good with troubleshooting and sticking with a problem. Is patient good with customers and willing to learn everything within the job to become a higher level installer. (expected to have all necessary tools and become Installer II in 4 months) *IT\electronics\construction backgrounds a plus.

Installer II(part time):
Will be installing and troubleshooting cabling/wiring and/or networking
Has experience installing cable, satellite, AV or some network equipment, is patient good with customers, and willing to learn everything within the job, and get the necessary education to become a higher level installer. This can also be someone who has a strong networking (WiFi, and Ethernet) background who does not have the experience with installing, is patient, good with customers and willing to learn everything within the job to become a higher level installer. This installer has experience somewhere between Installer I and II. Must have own tools (we can work with you on a time frame). Expected to be installer III in 4-6 months. (Net+ / Cisco Certs a plus)

Installer III(part time-> full time depending on season):
You will be installing and repairing Wifi, Ethernet cabling , VOIP systems, VPN, POE CCTV cameras, and phones. Has experience installing networks, or a networking background. This installer can route wires through walls with minimal damage, and within specs. Knows the limitations of CAT 5 and 6 Ethernet, power-line networking, WiFi, and Moca. Knows the differences between a Modem, Router, Brouter, Switch, AP, and extender. Knows about bend radius, cross-talk, maintaining a twist up to termination, and how to route cables when near florescent lighting or high voltage. Knows how cable shielding works. Knows how to terminate Cat5, Cat6, STP/FTP Cable; male and female. Plenum and Riser cable difference. Has experience terminating RG6/RG59. Can be trained very quickly on what the SodaLake standard is and take on Jobs with minimal help. Has, or can adopt, a quality/image first mindset. Is patient, good with customers and willing to learn everything within the job to be the best installer possible. Must know electrically how phones wires work, and how VOIP/VPN's work. Must have own tools. (Net+ required / Cisco Certs a plus).

- Instant raises for obtaining and demonstrating knowledge and skills

- Work out of your home

- No sales pressure. The only time you are required to encourage a customer to purchase something is if they actually need it!

- We are a family first company.

- Working after 6pm or before 9am is not encouraged and is your option.

- Raises and new position slots are given for ability and experience, not seniority or friendships.

- Navy blue T-shirt or collared shirts okay

- Tattoos okay(no offensive symbols)

Requirements for all Installers

- Has or can adapt a positive attitude

- Has or can adapt an attention to detail

- Ability to work hard

- Avoid rushing\cutting corners, do things right way, work ethically.

- Valid driver's license, insurance etc.. with a clean driving record is required

- Ability to bend, crawl, and lift up to 50 LBS

- Steel toe or composite toe work shoes or boots

- Must have reliable transportation (Avg 50-100 miles a day) that can fit tools **some installers use cars, but don't care about interiors

- Clean and Neat Appearance example: no wrinkles/stains/logos

- Will be required to climb ladders for extended periods of time

- While performing the duties of this job you are sometimes exposed to outside weather conditions (about 10% or less of jobs).

- Install cable and wires, and use test equipment to verify

- Willing to train and learn - We have very high standards that we protect

- Customer satisfaction is priority.

- No "know it all's", Networking\Computer Gurus or Divas. We need people with an open mind who are willing to learn, or adapt to something new every day, and not to ever put down\ talk down to someone with knowledge leverage.

Job Locations:

Valley Wide Networking (east valley a plus)

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