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Firewall Admin - systems/networking

City: Kelowna / okanagan
Date: 30 Mar 2018
Category: Systems / Network

Firewall Admin

Network Firewalls: Roles and Responsibilities

OIT Staff

OIT staff members are responsible for:

Designing and maintaining the OIT managed firewall infrastructure
Provisioning firewalls, based on consultation with customer
Providing on-going support
Troubleshooting firewall infrastructure problems
Troubleshooting firewall related problems as reported by customers
Providing training to firewall administrators.
Service Gateway MID Members

Service Gateway primary and secondary MID members are responsible for:

Determining who in their organization are authorized to manage their firewall policies
Adding⁄removing firewall administrators in their Service Gateway Management Group (MID), along with adding or removing their "Security" rights
Ensuring that new firewall administrators attend OIT's Central Firewall Training course before they get access to manage their departmental firewalls
Encouraging students, faculty, and staff affected by their firewalls to contact their support staff should they run into any problems accessing any applications, web sites, resources, etc.
Support staff should work with those in their department who are authorized to manage firewall policies to troubleshoot the problem before contacting OIT.
Firewall Administrators

Firewall administrators are responsible for:

Completing OIT's Central Firewall Training course
Knowing and understanding their environment and applications
Defining and managing their firewall policies. OIT staff can assist, but are not responsible for defining or managing firewall policies
Accessing and managing firewall policies via the command line interface or the ASDM application
Troubleshooting their own firewall policies before contacting OIT
Ensuring that the device they use to manage their firewall policies is configured with an IP from the primary subnet, if they are obtaining an IP from a Vlan that contains multiple subnet ranges.

Fortinet, Ruckus Wireless and Cisco experience a must
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