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City: Washington
Date: 28 Mar 2018
Category: Security

Are you one of those hard-working professionals who earn a decent salary, but rarely have time to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor, and find yourself saying, "There HAS to be a smarter way!" Well, to that end, we would say, "Perhaps it's time to get your insurance license!"

There are SO many misconceptions about "selling" insurance!

#1. It's NOT "selling" life insurance, it's having well-thought-out, meaningful conversations to help bread-winners secure the financial protection their family deserves. BIG DIFFERENCE!

#2. It's NOT "a multi-level marketing scheme." It's a multi-trillion-dollar industry that is 100% regulated by your state government! You start as an independent broker; however, as your mindset expands and your skills develop, insurance companies reward you handsomely for expanding their territory! BIG DIFFERENCE!

#3. You currently manage a large team and have trained over 100's of people in your career? That's great, but it took over 20 years and you still don't own your own time. Repeat that accomplishment with us and build unlimited wealth in a fraction of the time!

#4. It's NOT "cold calling"....we have leads, AND the good news is that we have LOTS OF LEADS but not enough broker agents to cover the territory. There's lots of families to help and unlimited income to be made here!

#5. It's NOT "boring!" It's VERY EXCITING to help families secure the protection they deserve! It's very EXCITING to get paid daily, not to mention monthly bonuses! It's very exciting to be in control of your time, and absolutely exciting to be in control of your own money! Isn't it (Yes!)?

#6. It's not "selling life insurance," IT'S LEADERSHIP! We specialize in pulling out the winner in you by helping you tap into the potential of your own unlimited personal and financial growth!

Could this be you? For consideration, please submit your resume to [email protected] TODAY!
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