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Fixing the discoverability problem on Netflix - internet engineering - job employment

City: San francisco bay area
Date: 26 Mar 2018
Category: Internet Engineers


My name is Aklil and I'm a product manager at LinkedIn. I spend most of my weekends thinking about web app ideas that could become companies, or just nice passive income with minimal dev effort.

I've been continuously frustrated with Netflix's discoverability problem (the fact that you spend more time looking through Netflix than actually watching it) and think social can help.

Take a look at vision and if of interest, take a peek at the spec and hit me up if you're interested in working on it!

Today, when you log into Netflix after a long day at work expecting a leisurely stroll through a nicely organized catalog of awesome movies/shows, you're rudely awakened with quite the opposite: jarring auto-play trailers for whatever Netflix is selling you, and an endless scroll of movies/shows with less than awesome organization.

Worse, when you manage to escape this first screen and try to find a new show you want to commit to binging, you spend more time unsuccessfully trying to find the show than actually watching Netflix!

On top of that, if you ever reach the point in your life where you've past this, actually fallen in love with a show, successfully binged it til it's last sweet episode -- now you're depressed because it's over, and you ask yourself: "Now, what the f*** do I watch next?"

Enter (once again): endless scroll of movies/shows with less than awesome organization.

The next day, you're flipping around on Instagram Stories, and you see that your friend Danny is raving about this new show called Dexter. Immediately, you remember how badly you need a new show to binge, and you decide to give it a shot because Danny has good taste, right? What's there to lose? Better than scrolling through the endless catalog!

You go home that night after work, skip right past the jarring auto-play trailer & catalog, search for Dexter, and give it a whirl. Turns out you absolutely love it, and you binge it blissfully for the next few months to your heart's content.

Now, what is it that I am saying here? I believe Netflix and other subscription based content platforms have a discoverability problem that can help be solved with social.

Me: Product, UX, Marketing
You: Engineering
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