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College research assistant/writer needed - writing / editing / translation - job employment

City: Fort lauderdale
Date: 12 Mar 2018
Category: Writing / Editing

I'm looking for a research assistant with access to U.S. university library online databases, such as JSTOR, PsycInfo, Lexis-Nexis, and other similar databases.
The individual must have good writing skills, and preferably has had experience conducting literature searches, getting articles online, and summarizing the outcomes of research studies.
The student must be able to think independently, so if I ask you to find articles on the impact of women on sports, you must be able to think about which search terms you would use, what sub-topics might be important to cover, and the best databases to find this information.
If you are interested, pls send me an email detailing previous similar work, and pls also confirm that you have access to a university online library.
You must also be willing to do a 10 minute assignment, so that I'm able to assess your skills.
Payment is $10/hr for 10 hrs. There may be work in the future, but it will not be consistent.
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