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â–¶ Computer Technician â—€ - technical support - job employment

City: Jacksonville
Date: 12 Mar 2018
Category: Technical Support

☛ Mandatory Drug Test ▶
☛ Mandatory Background Check ▶
☛ High Stress, Fast Paced, And Little To No Recognition ▶
☛ Expected To HAVE A GOOD WORK ETHIC!!! ▶
☛ Smoke Free Environment ▶
☛ No PAID Training ▶
☛ ONLY Serious And Professional Candidates Considered! ▶

✦ H O U R S ✦
☛ 9:00am to 6:00pm - Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday
10:00am to 6:00pm - Every Other Saturday (optional)

➣ Training usually lasts between 1 to 4 weeks depending on the individual's learning ability. ☚
➣ Once a person can check in and out customers, properly fill out work orders, take phone calls and has the ability to do a few basic computer tasks like disassemble a notebook computer (reassembly takes more skill) then they complete their training and begin a 30 day $10hr period. After 30 days the pay is $12.50hr. After 6 months the pay increases to $15hr and so on and so on.

➣ Job Description ⋘

Does it really matter??? Think about it! We train you and you learn. It's like any other job but with computers. If you have a good work ethic and your honest and responsible and you have some basic computer skills and you can LEARN then you have it made.

➣ NOTES:✫ ✫

Recently a very intellectual and wise person told me " Finding people who truly want to learn a skill before they earn a big check is definitely tough in these days and times. Many of the younger millenials I have taught and worked with have this great sense of entitlement, and definitely have been overly coddled by helicopter parents. While I appreciate their fearlessness, it saddens me that their work ethic is no where near that of baby boomers. Good luck!" That was told to me by a great millennial who any employer would be very fortunate and extremely lucky to hire! I can say with absolute certainty that no amount of money would ever equal this person's competency. We are just hoping to hire someone half as good as this person and we would still consider ourselves fortunate and lucky.

Please don't wast our time or your time...competency is a very rare thing and we are only looking for the competent! Thank you.

☛ $200 Referral Bonus After 30 Days of Hiring a Competent Person ▶
☛ And Another $200 Referral Bonus After Six Months ▶
☛ And Another $200 Referral Bonus At The End Of The Year 12/30/2018 ▶
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