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Looking for Developer to Build / Create Website and App - internet engineering - job employment

City: Denver
Date: 11 Mar 2018
Category: Internet Engineers

We are a small, Denver-based, pre-seed stage startup that is still operating in stealth mode. The current team consists of two individuals with extensive professional and industry experience; we are seeking a third team member to join as a equity partner to lead the build-out of our web and mobile platforms.

Our product will be a consumer-facing marketplace that will connect consumers to providers in a manner similar to that used by AirBNB, VRBO, etc, but at a smaller scale. We will need an e-commerce engine, mapping functionality, the ability for providers to update availability via a calendar, the ability for consumers to view and select available dates on a calendar, and booking and payment functionality.

The person for whom we are looking should have the ability to build / create both iOS and Android apps (as well as a website) based on existing designs. Additionally, the person should be able to guide us in hosting, security, payment collection, and other technical decisions.

Our initial expectation is that this would be an ideal evening and weekend project for an already employed developer or that this could serve as a great side project for a college student.

Our preferred compensation approach is equity based, but up for discussion. The existing founders would welcome the right person as a third partner in the endeavor.
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