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PROMOTER WANTED - systems / networking - operations job employment

City: Houston
Date: 10 Mar 2018
Category: Systems / Network

This job offer is for any Trainer, Athlete, Body Builder, or any Health Fanatic or Health Enthusiast! I am looking for a Promoter for the SUPER SOLDIER SUPPLEMENT: NASA scientists found a way to bio-hack the human body and has developed this new source of human energy for the Department of Defense because US Navy Seal Teams were experiencing extreme weakness and random seizures at certain depths and pressures of the oceans around the world. The energy source is called, "Ketones". We can now bio-hack our own bodies for the first time through a company called, PRUVIT. After 60 minutes of ingesting a small package, offered in a variety of delicious fruit and chocolate flavors, the human body is launched into a state of KETOSIS. Only Athletes in extreme and constant consistent cardio reach the point of Ketosis. You can also reach Ketosis after a third day of fasting. I would encourage each person to at least try this Super Soldier Supplement for one day! You will NEVER be the same after experiencing the strength, power, and euphoria of Ketones!


COPY & PASTE FOLLOWING LINK******** First, go to the top of the page and CLICK "Learn" and watch research, then CLICK "Watch Now" and watch Cartoon video. CLICK off of the video and look at the top bar. If you like what you see, CLICK onto "Join as Promoter" You can make hundreds by only "promoting." But you can make $$$thousands$$$ by investing in one of the three "PACKS".
If you want to "promote only" for $37.00 Go to the bottom of the page and click onto---
---"Register as a Promoter without any product purchase."
It only takes $37.00 to invest in this company as a "Promoter" but do it now before this offer catches FIRE! BE THE UP-LINE!

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