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Azure System Admin - Part Time - systems / networking - operations job employment

City: Seattle-tacoma
Date: 07 Mar 2018
Category: Systems / Network

Part Time S.A. needed for our Azure platform hardening, operational efficiency and administration.
We have recently been completing SOC 2 Type II audit and are needing an experienced Azure S.A. to ensure compliance, best practices for system operations are enabled, and enforced. Primary roles would include:
1- Enable/Ensure adequate virus protections, anti malware and other penetration testing has been achieved
2- Suggest and implement appropriate environment configurations for Dev, Test, Demo and Prod environments. (eg., Prod will require HA failover whereas Demo will not etc.,)
3- Enable needed alerts across key business processes. Server performance, errors, but also business process alerts that may involve multiple servers
4- Write/Implement proper release controls for production. Prescribe format and content of deployment scripts, and ensure proper login controls and separation of duties exists and is repeatable for all future deployments
5- Optimize spend on Azure by reviewing existing servers, functions etc., and de-commissioning those that are not needed anymore based on dialogue with development team and CTO
6- Document environment and create storage repository on Azure both for the documents and for application logs, reports, and records needing to be saved for future audits.

Please send resume and availability, plus required minimum hourly rate when responding.

This will be hourly 1099 only. ~ 10 - 20 hours per month for ~ 4 months.
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